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From Figurative to Abstract a new exhibition this autumn at Woolverton Gallery

20th to 28th November

FROM FIGURATIVE TO ABSTRACT: a special exhibition of the work of 3 talented local artists at the Woolverton gallery near Bath.

We are pleased to announce the schedule for a new exhibition from 20th to 28thNovember taking place in 3 of our exhibition rooms, and will feature a large number of new works by Kate Cochrane, Lynn Baxter and Brian Baxter.

Kate Cochrane’s paintings are generally about landscape: trees, rocks, castle ruins and reflections in water.  Kate considers colour, light and composition and applies layers of paint and glazes. Her latest works consist of a series on the spaces between branches including catkins and new spring leaves.

Lynn Baxter is an abstract painter and sculptor with a wide practice and interest. A fascination with the architecture of the picture plane and its surfaces seems to act as a bridge between her two and three-dimensional work.

Brian Baxter is a specialist in painting  wildlife and domestic animals. Brian endeavours to capture the essence of living things, vibrant with energy. Through the handling of pigment, the energy of the brushstrokes and mark-making, I seek to convey the spirit of the living creature.


For more details on the Woolverton Gallery autumn exhibition, click here


The Woolverton Art Gallery

Wolverton, Bath, BA2 7RH

Tel: 01373 463098

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