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@BistroWineMan,Stephen Barrett tackles his

'bête noire' - poor house wine.

A bit of a ‘bete noire’ of mine is poor ‘House Wine’ offered mainly in restaurants and hotels often with no regard to their quality or provenance.

With some great local Independent Wine Merchants offering deft knowledge the restaurateur should be heading that way to spend an hour of so tasting and chatting, gleaning knowledge and wine-tasting skills.

When it comes to dispensing quality wine info they are the unsung heroes of the wine industry. With wines from two hemispheres they would be eager to ‘flip the cork’ or ‘unwind a screw cap’ and show how different wines from the same grape can be!

There is always something for every restaurant to consider as cuisines are equally different this is the key to harmony in the House Wine department. 

The same is also true for those of you who show a ‘healthy’ interest in wine and need to move away from the myriad of Supermarket offerings at every corner!

Whether its your ‘man cave bar’ , family lunch or supper, Indian Summer BBQ, birthdays, celebrations or simply a glass or two whilst watching the TV, wouldn’t it be cool if your choice was always consistent, something to rely upon, all at a decent price?

I hear a resounding YES! So with this in mind I have searched for a trio of wines to fit this bill whether for a restaurant wine list or for home-sipping! 

I tasted countless wines, many would have fitted the bill but the ones I finally chose originate from S W France – Bergerac to be precise.

This ancient winemaking land lies a few kilometres east of the famous Vineyards and Chateaux of Bordeaux.

Generally it’s a tad hotter with differing soils (vineyards) than the maritime influenced neighbourly Bordeaux. This creates variation and innovative winemaking at a price that’s affordable!

My wines are from a Cooperative. Not the dusty old cellars of the past but now proudly sporting gleaming temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and state of the art equipment enabling lovely fruit-driven wines to be elaborated.

Time to describe the wines and hope that both Restaurants and private clients alike heed my advice and contact Castang Wines of Looe in Cornwall who are ready and able to get them to you with ease.

Available under the uber-smart L’Oie du Perigord livery and IGP Appellation they are moderately priced at just £7.20 for 75cl, plus delivery.

L’Oie du Perigord Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is a herbaceous, delicately-fruited blanc with a truly understated finish. Its zippy style will match simple dishes such as Hummus or Tapas or be a gas with Oysters or Mussels….

L’Oie du Perigord Rose 2019 elaborated with Cabernet Sauvignon is both modern and moreish. This Cabernet-driven Rose is bone-dry with a fruity style creating a very versatile stylistic wine for most occasions. Try with Canapés or Trout or Salmon poached in Rose? 

L’Oie du Perigord Rouge 2019 is 100% Merlot. Supple with both a red and black fruit profile. Gentle spice plus a touch of Vanilla and light tannins create an instant flavour-punch – easily sipped modern rouge! Great with Roast Ribs of Beef or a casual sausage grill with roasted autumn vegetables! 

My threesome are all screw cap stoppered wines and represent a true House Wine Style – give them a go! 

Castang Wines, Looe, Cornwall is easily found via their website where you will find their extensive list of personally selected wines. Alternatively give them a call on 01503 220359.

Stephen Barrett is a Wine, Food and Travel Writer based in Plymouth. Stephen welcomes correspondence via his website Or via Twitter and Instagram @bistrowineman   Facebook and LinkedIn as Stephen Barrett