Take off the rosé-tinted glasses - try chilled

red wine this summer.

With Summer here, we’re all looking for a refreshing beverage or two to cool us down – before stocking up the fridge, it’s worth considering that it’s not just whites and rosés that exclusively belong in this cooler club. 

A delicious trick used by those in the know is to chill their red wine! Traditional serving rules state that white and rosé wine is served chilled while red wine is served at room temperature, but contrary to popular myth Aldi’s wine expert, Sam Caporn MW, says many lighter styles of red come alive when chilled. She says: “Many might question chilled red wine, but rules are made to be broken! Chilled red wine provides the perfect alternative for those looking to switch up their sauvignon or park their pinot grigio for another occasion.

“Reds are often served a bit too warm but they can benefit from being popped into the fridge just before serving as it’s an easy way to enhance their vibrancy and drinkability.”

Sam’s Top Tip: “For the optimum temperature, remember the 20/20 rule – take white wines out 20 minutes before serving and pop red wines in the fridge 20 minutes before serving.”

Light and fruity styles such as Pinot Noir make great summer alternatives to whites, something our European neighbours have known for a long time. So, sip back and enjoy a nice glass of chilled red to transport you to the Mediterranean, all from the comfort of your own garden and with similar temperatures hitting the UK, what’s not to love? 

Shoppers should opt for lighter, less oaky red wines like Aldi’s Vignobles Roussellet Pinot Noir (£4.99) - Soft, smooth and fruity, this French Pinot Noir has rich red fruit aromas and lush berry flavours that is delicious when chilled.


Sam comments: “Offering a great alternative to crisp whites or rosés this summer, Pinot Noir’s red fruity notes and minimal tannins make this light red taste divine when slightly chilled. So be brave and put that red on ice.”