Why use 'Indies'?

The benefits of buying local

It's very easy to find that you have spent the entire day shopping in Bath, with its premium shopping location in the shape of SouthGate, the boutique style shops of Milsom Place, the famous Corridor or Guildhall Market, there is something for everyone.


As big name high street chains fall over themselves to be part of the cities growing retail credentials, it is satisfying to find that Bath has a thriving independent sector. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important to 'shop local', keeping the many reasons to buy from independent retailers alive. If you were ever unsure of the benefits of buying from local shops, we've identified just a few.


Most local retailers will know exactly where they or their provider gets their products

from. This enables your independent retailer to let you know where the product was made/

grown giving peace of mind as the purchaser.

With recent scandals involving supermarkets and 'meat' providers this extremely sensitive

situation can be avoided.

Unique Items:

Independent shops are the perfect place for a unique gift or item.

Typically, a local trader will focus on local producers whether they be a local artist, designer, author or farmer - items that you will not see on the shelves of a national


Boost to the local economy:

Recent research suggest that 63 pence in the pound spent at a local, independent retailer would find its way back into the local economy, compared to just 40p with a larger business.


The community theme – as more towns promote and support local retailers, in turn local retailers will support the local community by holding events, fayres and markets to entice more people into the local community as well as add a 'social' aspect to area.


As Personal soon as you walk into an independent shop touch:

You immediately notice the difference. Not only will you generally find the owner of the business on hand to give you their advice, background to the product and expert opinion but also you will inevitably find that (depending on the item) you can 'try before you buy' – giving you piece of mind and a sense of 'customer service' that has long been a distant memory for many larger businesses.

You may also find that you get more for your money. How many times has there been an extra roll thrown in for a familiar face to the local bakery or a little discount when purchasing a couple of items. Again, something that is alien to the big chain and certainly something the member of staff will not be sanctioned to give.


Having Independent retailers within any shopping area gives us as buyers choice.

Many town centres and high streets have recently been criticised for being 'cloned' - offering the same uniformed goods, products and services. As we all have different tastes and styles, independent retailers can offer this choice which adds something different to what would be a very boring high street. With the years busiest shopping period on the horizon, we take a look at some of the best independent retailers the city has to offer, as well as showcase some fantastic gift ideas.