Waller and Wood

Carole waller Health Suite No.15 Gt Pult
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Waller and Wood combines the work of textile artist Carole Waller with the ceramics of Gary Wood. They have been practising artists living in Bath for 25 years - and after 5 years running their retail gallery, Waller&Wood, in Abbey Green in Bath - they have now reopened their showroom on Box Road which can be visited anytime by appointment. They also teach beginners to professionals - from the studios.

Carole Waller makes original painted clothing and scarves on silk , wool and fine organic cotton - all one off pieces and rich in colour. She also takes commissions for bespoke pieces so you can have exactly the colour, cloth and style you would like. Buy her work online at carolewaller.co.uk


Gary Wood makes individual pots for food and drink in painted stoneware - and also unique wall pieces and sculpture. His work is also available to commission for site specific locations - and examples can be found on wallerandwood.co.uk.

Contact them by telephone 07803 033629 or email info@wallerandwood.co.uk

Waller&Wood Gallery has now relocated to: ONE TWO FIVE Box Road

Bath | BA1 7LR