Why The South West Is Suffering

With Broadband Battles 

In a national survey of 2,000 parents commissioned by Truespeed, a staggering 93% of respondents in the South West in would be ‘lost’ without the internet at home. But worryingly, only a lucky 35% have a highly reliable home broadband connection. Firmly cementing the divide between the digital haves, and have nots and causing frustrating battles of household broadband. 

With everyone wanting a piece of the broadband action, it’s hardly surprising that unreliable connectivity and bandwidth issues are causing household arguments. Families based in region estimate a quarter of all their rows are due to their online activities and four in 10 families now have more rows about internet use than about what to watch on TV. 

With the typical household juggling nine connected devices at once, clogging up the broadband was found to be the top gripe (23%). 12% find it irritating when they’re simply trying to load up their social media channels, only for them to take forever to populate. Others have rowed because someone tried to download a big file, making the internet slow for everyone else (13%). 

Because the pandemic has changed the way the nation works, having the digital tools and reliable ultrafast broadband infrastructure to work effectively and productively is a must-have.  The survey found that nearly two-thirds (60%) of parents based in the South West need fast broadband connectivity because they work from home. And, with working from home set to be a permanent fixture, the stats paint a rather ominous picture for the South West’s remote workers. 28% of home workings have video calls shuddering, freezing or dropping out entirely, whilst a remarkable 17% struggle to even send an email.

With digital tensions mounting, it’s unsurprising that a fifth of parents have faced arguments after asking their children to stop using the broadband to free up enough bandwidth for them to attend a work video call. And 15% of parents state children playing online games whilst they’re trying to work as their biggest online frustration. 

But, the great news is, there are 3 simple steps households in Bath can take to turbo-boost their broadband and keep the household happy:

1: Choose a full fibre (aka Fibre To The Home/FTTH) broadband provider for an ultrafast fibre-optic connection that runs right to your door, eliminating any hint of outdated copper wire. Don’t be fooled by services labelled superfast fibre or fibre broadband, these often rely on copper phone lines for the final connection to your home.

2: Remember not all full fibre providers are created equal. Some ‘subdivide’ the optical fibre coming out of your local phone cabinet and share it between multiple homes, leading to digital slow speeds especially at peak times. 

3: Contact Truespeed who are a Bath based, full fibre broadband provider who are rolling out their guaranteed speed, ultrafast network across Bath. They provide every property with their own dedicated line so you can enjoy a household without any broadband battles.