A mega ‘what’ per second? Contention with who? Peak usages times are when? From providers to packages, to bits and bytes – it can feel like you need a master’s degree in broadband just to wade through all the technical jargon flying around out there. 


Covid-19 and lockdown have shown us how essential good broadband is to the smooth running of our daily and working lives. And scarily, revealed just how many of us are still splashing the cash on out-of-date broadband that’s slow, unreliable and often drops out altogether.

So how do you make sure your broadband can handle hours of home educating, a never-ending cycle of Zoom calls, FaceTiming the in-laws all whilst the rest of the household streams the latest binge-worthy series on Netflix? 

Knowing what to look for and how to see past the marketing fluff is the best way to ensure you get the best bang for your broadband buck. And Truespeed’s value for money broadband guide is here to help you do just that. 

The obvious option – not always the smartest choice!


With ‘latest broadband deals’ plastered everywhere, it’s easy to be tempted with the obvious fast speeds or low-cost options. But these are often over sold and under deliver so aren’t the best choice.


Paying for a 500Mbps package isn’t a good move if you only get those speeds at 3am when no one else is online. And that £20 a month deal isn’t such great value when the connection continually cuts out.


Ask your provider if they guarantee their speeds, or only provide average speeds to make sure you don’t pay for a service you don’t receive. 

What more important, bandwidth or speed?


Everyone talks about broadband speeds. Of course, they’re an important measure for broadband. But at peak times, when you, your neighbours and the rest of the nation are trying to get online, speed alone won’t get you very far: bandwidth will.


Think of bandwidth as the road or motorway: at rush hour, when there is a lot of traffic congestion, the number of lanes available will impact how fast the cars can travel. Having enough bandwidth is like having the fast lane of the motorway all to yourself even at rush hour. 


So to put it into perspective, if you have insufficient bandwidth to cope with all the other users on the digital highway, you’ll get shunted into the slow lane. Broadband providers might claim to offer 500Mbps speeds, but if your network doesn’t have this bandwidth capacity available, then it simply won’t be able to reach those speeds!

Don’t be fooled by fake fibre


There are two types of ‘fibre’ broadband and although advertised using the same term, deliver very different results.


Full fibre, also know as fibre-to-the-property (FTTP), gives every property its own dedicated connection and provides guaranteed speeds 24/7.


Part fibre, aka fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) has a fibre cable running to the cabinet, and is then split across multiple properties which creates fluctuating speeds. Often advertised using fastest potential speeds, but delivers ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds which fluctuate hugely.


At Truespeed we only offer full fibre, so you can enjoy guaranteed, minimum 200Mbps speeds around the clock. And if that wasn’t enough, because every property has its own dedicated fibre connection, when you need increased speeds in the future, our network is equipped to deliver speeds up to 10Gbps – which trust us, is a lot. 

Focus on the future, not just today


Online demands are only ever going to increase. Make sure your provider is equipped to cope with increasing usage levels, otherwise you could get stuck in a contract that causes endless frustration rather than meeting your online needs. 


Truespeed’s network is future-proofed and will last for generations. Once our infrastructure is built, that’s it: we can remotely increase speeds at any time. This means, unlike other providers, we won’t need to dig up roads in years to come to make sure your broadband is handling all your online needs. So investing in full fibre, ultrafast, ultra-reliable connectivity that offers long term value for money is the ultimate broadband solution. 


Truespeed’s full fibre broadband is coming to Bath, so simply place your order at (or click on the logo opposite) so you can enjoy all the benefits 200Mbps has to offer.