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March at the Holburne 

The Holburne introduces some new and exciting exhibitions this winter. The Holburne is the perfect destination for friends and family in 2023.

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American Museum

March Highlights at the American Museum & Gardens

Opening from 11 March with a major photography exhibition, an exciting new eatery – the American Garden Deli – and 60,000 daffodils in bloom during March and April.



Always a First-Class delivery at Bath Postal Museum

Bath Postal Museum gives a great opportunity to learn, not only the interesting history of the Postal Service but also of the communication.

All ages will enjoy this little museum, with a mixture of video recordings, interactive displays and other exhibits on the history of the Mail Coach, air transport and airmail, military mail, sea mail and railways. You can learn about post from ancient times such as the Bronze Age and what it was like during Roman and Medieval times. There are talking heads to listen to and a dressing up box for the kids (and big kids!) so you can dress in the costumes such as that of an old fashioned postie.


Gough's Giant Egg Hunt at Cheddar Gorge & Caves

This Easter sees the return of the egg-cellent glow in the dark egg hunt to Cheddar Gorge & Caves. After a visit from the Easter bunny, 50 glowing Easter eggs have miraculously appeared throughout Gough's Cave.

Using your trail sheet to find your way through the cave, your task is to crack the mystery code the Easter Bunny has left behind. Unravel this Easter enigma and you'll receive a yummy treat!

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Easter Egg Hunt at Dyrham Park

The whole family can get involved in a world of adventure this spring with an Easter trail at Dyrham Park. Put on your bunny ears and complete the ten themed activities around the garden before claiming your chocolate egg.


Join Zog and collect golden stars!

Experience his latest forest adventure with a brand-new family activity trail and free app.

Revolution, Propaganda, Art: Printmaking in Modern China

The exhibition showcases a series of prints selected from Muban Educational Trust’s collection of over 6,000 and tells the story of China’s twentieth-century wars, revolution and rejuvenation.

The exhibition explores artistic trends, political movements and technical developments in modern Chinese printmaking. The works presented mark several significant anniversaries in China’s modern history, including the May Fourth Movement (1919), the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (1921), and Lu Xun’s (鲁迅) seminal printmaking class, which symbolises the origin of the Modern Woodcut Movement (1931).

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