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We speak to Tommy Banner ahead of their Komedia show...

Fish out the mistletoe, dust off your Christmas jumpers and get some mulled cider at the ready — THE WURZELS are coming to Komedia , Bath this December for 'gert lush' Scrumpy’n’Western.


We can’t wait for you to come to Komedia this December for your Christmas Party. Is it correct that you are still doing 100 + shows a year?


I’m not sure - the date sheet seems to change by the day and I don't have time to count the gigs anymore!


You must still love performing. Do you see faces from when you first started out still coming to your shows?

We love it, that is why we are still performing. We regularly see fans from the old days. We have Bill from the Winchester area, who we saw at Frome recently with his granddaughter and his son-in-law, and they will probably be at Komedia. He actually goes back to the Adge Cutler days in the mid 60s. 


 …and what about new fans, it must be great to see some new faces enjoying your shows?


It’s always good to see new fans. We had two 10 year olds - a boyfriend with his girlfriend at a recent gig.


I hear you have a West Country cover of Kaiser Chiefs’ ‘Ruby’ and a hip hop version of your hit ‘Combine Harvester’. Is the show constantly evolving and are you always looking at new ways/genres to breathe new life into some of the classics?

If any of your readers have not heard or seen our cover version of the Kaiser Chiefs' "Ruby", perhaps you should get out a bit more often and come and see us at Komedia on 7th of December!

Is that what makes it even more exciting to get back on the road and seeing the reaction of fans?


We are on a "Never-Ending-Tour".  If that's good enough for Bob Dylan, it's good enough for us Wurzels.


What music are you all listening to, and have you got any plans/ideas of new genres you want to try?


Listening to my albums of The Clash, Kanye West, Des O'Connor, One Direction to name a few.


Is there something extra special about playing 'Scrumpy n’ Western' in a South West venue?


Playing in any venue all over the UK is special, but playing back in the West Country I s'pose is always a bit extra special.


…and at Christmas?


Christmas Shows - whoopee - gets me out of Christmas Shopping. Oh Arr!!  Have The best Christmas ever from The Wurzels.


two tickets to see The Wurzels at Komedia on 7th December. For a chance to win, simply click on the link below and follow the steps...

Book tickets to see The Wurzels at Komedia on 7th December. Simply click on the link below and follow the steps...

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