Get active this summer with Team Bath

Summer is coming and it feels like a time to be more active indoors and out.  Research suggests that exercise helps us all feel good and less-stressed as well as being of benefit to us physically. At Team Bath we’re hoping to help you get active in several ways this summer.  

Anyone for tennis?

With Queens and Wimbledon fast approaching, the whole nation is likely to get the tennis bug again.  We have options for you to dust off your racquet and take to our outdoor or indoor tennis courts.  With an off-peak outdoor price of £10 per hour, you can serve up your own doubles match for just £2.00 per person.


If the weather turns less fair, we also reserve court 8 indoors every Monday-Thursday for public bookings with other indoor court options available earlier and later in the day. Click below for more details 

Pay to Play tennis 080821_1.jpg

Children’s Activities

We will be offering a variety of single sport and multi-sport options for children’s activities this summer. With qualified coaches and great facilities, we will soon post more information about a summer of sport for young people in Bath here:

Kitchen Makers

A Summer of Swim

Swimming is great exercise for everyone but is particularly good for people who’d prefer to avoid weight-bearing exercise like running.


As we turn into June and until 31st August, Team Bath is offering 15 swims for the price of 10 in our amazing Olympic-sized pool.  Everyone is welcome and we have lanes set aside for different speeds of swimming so that you can take part at your own pace.


All the ‘swims’ you buy in these 15-swim bundles need to be used by 31st August but there is no limit to how many you buy. 

Gym and Exercise classes

The Team Bath gym and fitness centre is open throughout the summer. When the going gets hot outdoors you might want to come inside and work out in our spacious, well-equipped and air-conditioned gym and studios.


We welcome everyone.  We will be running a good variety of exercise classes and we will be with you every step of the way, even if you’re a newcomer, with our initial training plans and six-week top ups.