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Wine Club Tasting – Tim Adams Wines

Many who have tasted with me (Restaurant and Wine Club) over the years have heard me talk of Tim Adams wines from Clare Valley 200k north of Adelaide.

I met Tim in 1998 when I first visited Clare Valley and was mightily impressed with him, his philosophy and of course his range of wines. Business was created in 1986/7 when their first vintage was crushed. Fast forward to 2021 Tim Adams Wines have gained many friends and plaudits over the ensuing years.


Here are some wines, selected for you, with an eye on the festive season. I will be more than happy to source some of these wines for anyone interested as a case of Six or Twelve wines. Just contact me on the details below, or via the social media channels.

Riesling 2020 – Huge lemon/lime/grapefruit notes. Zippy and fresh. Stands out as a wine to sip or age. £15.50 or £93.00 for six

Riesling 2016 – Similar citrus nose elaborated by only using free-run juice with steel fermentation. The micro-climate in Care Valley enables hygienic wine making to specialise in Riesling.

Pinot Gris 2020 – A very dry vintage enabled rich, intense fruit flavours to show and develop in this 2020. Deep-scented and rich whilst retaining the floral notes of this lovely grape. Sold Out


Semillon 2017 – A specialist wine. Semillon is oak-fermented but still retains excellent stone fruit and citrus acidity.  A wine to sip or age. Great with white meats and soft cheese. Sold Out

The Fergus 2016 – Rich, unctuous, spicy and moreish! The ripe trio of gapes (Grenache, Tempranillo, Malbec) are fermented wine carefully blended. Oak is used but is subtle. A portion of the Tempranillo is partially dried before adding to the blend. Essentially red fruits to the front of the wine then complexity ,silky tannins and length. £18.50 or £111.00 for six

Shiraz 2018 – Late harvested, fermented then interned into small oak barrels Tim Adams’ Shiraz is an all-time Aussie classic. Big and bold with ripe black fruits and elegant tannins it speaks volumes about great Aussie wines. £18.50 or £111.00 for six 

Maybe a small transport cost too!  

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