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Get ready for a proper roasting! 

This month, Sarah shares her favourite Sunday roast venues...and it wasn't easy (even with extra mint sauce)

Tis the season! No not that one!! It’s the Sunday Roasts season… the temperature cools we cuddle up (within your bubble) in our fav eateries and grab the finest of all meals, perhaps the most British of all meals, the Sunday Roast. Which, by the way, should absolutely only be eaten on a Sunday. This is your run-up to ‘the big day’, yes that one, when we have the mother of all Sunday roasts (which can be eaten on whatever day the big day falls!).

Sunday roasts are the perfect pre autumnal walk fuel-up or reward for yomping it to your favourite countryside hostelry. I am a fully paid up member.  

I am definitely not here to wax on about what should or shouldn’t make it on to the perfect plate, who’d be crazy enough to step into that bear pit?!! I think it is an entirely personal choice and makes things more inclusive with vegetarians and vegans most certainly included.

Disclaimer: I am a total heathen and have mint sauce on ALL my roasts WHATEVER the meat and I don’t even care who knows it. Oh, and if I had to name the most important ingredient, after the meat it would be the gravy, the game changer!

InBath have asked me to share my fav Sunday roasts…..and I am a bit cross to be fair as I have lost so much sleep deliberating who makes it in give the calibre of the local Sunday Roast offering…but here goes. 

This is my top ten and you’ll have yours. Be kind, remember that all pubs are working hard to stay afloat, so keep it positive!

In no particular order. 

The Longs Arms, South Wraxall

I have had such wonderful meals at The Longs Arms, across the years that they are etched in my memory. These guys open again at the beginning of November serving up their imaginative and beautiful food where there’s always a twist to show off Chef Rob honed skills and sense of humour (Pictured). 

01225 864450

The Walcot, Walcot Street

Yes, the relaxed tyle of this eaterie hugely helps but the food is also divine. Last time I was treated to a roast at The Walcot the dauphinoise potato side was that good I would have been happily eaten nothing else. 

Book via their website

The Bathwick Boatman, Rockcliffe Avenue

The old rowing clubhouse is a totally unique and typically un-Bath setting, which appeals. And Rosy’s lunches are now stuff of legend with some very loyal fans. So much so Rosy had queues during lockdown as she was one of the first to offer a take-away roast service. 

01225 428844

Pig & Fiddle, Broad Street

The re-vamped ‘Pig’ has been a Bath fav drinking hole for decades now but more recently popular with its foodie offering. Butcombe has put together a very decent plate of food. Yorkshire pudding fans should know that this is the place for them. 

01225 330190 

The Moorfields, Oldfield Park

The new kid on the block. The Bath Pub Company group has come up with a real gem of a re-vitalised pub and a brilliant roast to match it’s swanky setting.

01225 982102 


The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford-on-Avon

More memorable plate of food to tell the kids about! As well as their eat-in dream factory they currently offering their Sunday lunch as a take-away if that suits you. Either way sure to be heavenly (Pictured). 

01225 938088

Castle Farm at Midford

Another firm fav of many and booking is essential. They offer a unique ‘family style’ serving of all three meats with sides on big platters across three sittings. 

07564 783307


Pear Tree Inn, Whitley

Jackie will give you a hearty welcome any day of the week at the Pear Tree Inn. And Adrian will treat your taste buds equally. Their menu is fresh imaginative and locally driven. 

01225 704966

The White Hart, Ford

If you could imagine your perfect Sunday roast countryside establishment The White Hart near Castle Combe just about ticks all the boxes. Their brilliant wine list helps some. As does their champion of a roasting menu (Pictured).  

01249 782213

The Packhorse, Southstoke

Last and by no means least the pub known all over the world for being saved by its villagers now boasts a foodie reputation to match. The Packhorse roast will deliver driven by rising star Chef James Harris. 

01225 830300

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