Retailers Interview 

Marcia Wood - Flores 

This month we speak to Marcia Wood of Flores. Brazilian born, Marcia's floral work fuses the exotic and the sophisticated: classic British floristry with a global twist, using indigenous flowers and foliage wherever possible. Here, she chats about her passion, how she coped during the pandemic and what she is looking forward to most after lockdown measures ease. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Flores, how would you best describe the shop?

A people and community driven jungle looking space, where we are able to talk and guide people through plant and flower choices for their specific needs. Packed full of vibrant colours, patterns and interesting plants, a shop for everyone’s taste, style and budget.

When, or where, did your passion for flowers begin?

When I used to live in London there was a flower stall outside Kilburn tube station where I used to get flowers most weekends. I always thought it a great idea, especially seeing how happy the flowers were making people, and I wanted to be able to do that myself. Also, throughout my life, traveling around the world, I’ve been influenced by a lot of flower shops, particularly the French flower shops, which are full of interesting and eclectic things to look at.

Who, or what, inspired you to open the shop?

Its been a long-life dream of mine to open my own shop, and now finally having the opportunity and time to invest in it has been great. After finishing a few floristry courses I felt ready to create a space that people can come in and enjoy, to spread my love for all things botanical.


Talk to me about how you source your flowers and items in the shop?

As I said before, we are trying to be as community based as possible so we try and source from local businesses as much as we can to support them. From our handmade candles in collaboration with Orphic Living, to our terracotta pots made by the wonderful Willow Pottery up the road. We use a Bristol wholesaler for most of our plants and flowers but also try to incorporate as much British grown produce as we can through the seasons, always preferring a good forage over buying in from around the world.

Have there been any famous faces coming into the shop?

No one particularly famous yet, but all our customers’ support is incredibly valuable to us, and each one just as important.

"Its been a long-life dream of mine to open my own shop, and now finally having the opportunity and time to invest in it has been great."

It has been a difficult year for local retailers. How have you adapted in such tough times?

I was able to work from home, but to a much smaller scale.


What do you love most about Bath?

Bath is an amazing place to live, but for me is the people’s creativity that is inspiring me the most.

How are were do you spend your downtime?

With my family and my dogs, usually walking or eating somewhere nice.

What are you looking forward to most after lockdown ends?




6 Walcot Buildings | London Road | BA1 6AD

Telephone number: 07825 154281