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A Cycling World Tour in Aid of Dorothy House Hospices

It is a World Tour, but a tour of the Dorothy House world, which whilst smaller than the world we normally think of, is just as important.

Perhaps I should explain a little more. Dorothy House is there for the people of Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset. Dorothy House provides a huge range of care services for the Terminally ill and their relatives and carers. This care includes inpatient and outpatient services at the Hospices, outreach into the community through home visits and includes long-term support for bereaved families. This last points especially important for children who have lost a parent.

Dorothy House helped my family through the difficult terminal phase of my late wife, Jean’s life, and continue to help us beyond her death in April 21 at the age of only 57. Jean was diagnosed with Breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2015 (not the best Christmas present she had received), she went through over a year of treatment including Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radio therapy and a whole host of drugs to fight the cancer and to moderate the side effects. By 2017 we thought she was clear of cancer, but by the end of 2018 the cancers had returned, and by then were terminal. It was at this terminal phase that Dorothy House became involved and provided support for 2 ½ years until Jean’s death. The support provided was superb, even though much was affected by the Covid 19 restrictions and lockdowns Dorothy House was still there for us.  The final three weeks of Jean’s life when she was an inpatient at the Winsley Hospice were made bearable by the care, compassion and dedication of all the staff.  All this is done through donations as only a tiny amount of the Dorothy House funding comes from the NHS.  

This is where the World Tour comes in. Having benefited from Dorothy House, I want to give something back. Whilst we are all probably aware of the Dorothy House Shops in Bath (there are 5 you know), what you may not know is that there are 26 shops and hospices in Somerset and Wiltshire, as far West as Keynsham, North to Malmesbury, East as far as Devizes and South as far as Salisbury. My challenge is to cycle to all of them, the DH World Tour, in a single day on 7 May 2022. This will involve a distance of 360km and over 3500m of climbing, it is about as tough as a day’s cycling can be and right on the edge of what I’m capable of.  Start time will be at 05:00 and I will be supported by family and the great riders from Bathford CC. If you want to help then visit my Just-giving page (below) or even be at a Dorothy House shop to cheer me on.  

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Dorothy House Hospice Care

Winsley | Bradford-on-Avon | BA15 2LE

01225 722 988


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