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We speak to Giuseppe Garzia & Kellie Moody,

co-owners of NOI at Milsom Place

Meaning ‘we’ or ‘us’ in Italian, NOI is a salon that has togetherness at its very heart. We get the lowdown from owners, Giuseppe Garzia & Kellie Moody about opening the salon during the pandemic and the ethos of the company.

Many congratulations on opening your salon in Milsom Place. For those not familiar with what you offer, how would you sum up the ethos of NOI?


Thank you, we are thrilled to finally be open. 


Our ethos at NOI is simple; to make you look and feel as wonderful as you deserve (but with a dash of Italian hospitality). This is both throughout the delivery of our services, (such as having time to relax in our spa wash area when having one of our popular luxurious head massage washes), and how we want you to feel when you step out onto the beautiful streets of Bath with your perfect cut or colour. 


This is also why we provide more than the array of men’s and ladies haircut and colour services. We have added HD Brow, LVL Lash, nails, bridal & special occasion make up, and (soon to come) facials and eye lashes extensions to our menu, along with a good cup of Italian coffee of course!

Julie on Reception.jpg

How excited are you about bringing the salon to the city?


It has been a dream of ours to open a salon, especially after we settled down together and realised our career aims were so similar! 


We both bring different things to the salon but with a healthy dose in cross-over: I love being out there with the clients, sharing my knowledge with our trainees and striving to get the best from products and our services and Kellie loves working with her clients too as NOI’s Makeup & Beauty Artist, and is someone who encourages people to have faith in themselves and what they can achieve, not only on their own but as a team. That’s part of why we are here today, her added drive. 


Apparently, women are always right! So far, I must say she has been, as my expectations have been far exceeded as the cherry on this sumptuous cake of ours has been that we have been able to do this with family and friends. This is what we're excited to share now, an experience of togetherness, not simply stand-alone services.


What were the reasons for choosing Bath?


Bath chose us! We are either all from Bath or are now very much part of Bath through our chosen relationships and choice in where we all call home. 


NOI means ‘us’ or ‘we’ in Italian, so is the emphasis on the partnership between stylist and client?


Noi has a broader meaning. Many of us are family members; Italian brother, sister, mother, and father, but we also have wonderful, intertwined circles of extended family in the NOI team and with our clients. 


The idea started as 'we', the team of NOI professionals, which came together through our common goals and aspirations. However, from clients repeatedly saying, ‘you make us feel part of your little family’, yes, Noi now has a far deeper meaning.


When did you first get into your chosen career paths and when did you realise you could make a career in it?


Personally, I (Giuseppe) am a second-generation hairdresser with 18 years of experience, and I am proud to say I still work alongside my mother, Graziella (previously of Hatts of Bath, for those that remember, it was the place to get your hair done).  


Others at NOI can lay claim to even more longstanding careers such as our other senior stylist, and my long-term colleague Julie with 37 years' experience, and my sister Liborina with 30+ years.

It was my sister who introduced me to what has become my passion. Originally, I was on the road to a career in engineering of all things, but she talked me into the salon because she thought I would both enjoy, and be particularly good at, the personal side of things - getting on with and meeting new people all day. She wasn’t wrong and it's one of the main reasons I wake up in the morning. 

Kellie has been in the makeup and beauty industry for 15 years. Originally training as a graphic artist, her passion for makeup soon won over and she too changed direction and has never looked back. She has worked on for the BAFTA’s, ITV and the BBC and has even taught makeup skills at the wonderful Bath Academy of Media Make Up (BAMM). 


Her main passion though is bridal make up (& hair) because of the relationship she builds with her brides and that connection in helping a bride envisage her dream. She is always ready for the next challenge though and keeps me on my toes as business partner!

Can you tell us more about the sustainable products you offer at the salon and why this is important to you?


Davines products are our pride and joy to share. Also Italian in origin, their commitment to sustainability is remarkable; from their development through to packing and shipping, the environmental impact is measured and addressed. They even give us the facility to offer product refills to clients, which our clients love.  


On top of that, and this is probably more remarkable, is the quality added to each hair service with its use. The restorative and nourishing effects many clients have commented on confirm they are the right products, not only environmentally, but also for healthy nourished hair.  

Were there any hesitations about opening a new business during a pandemic?


All owners have nervous moments when opening a new business, however with such a great team and such a loyal, rare, and wonderful client base we knew we were off to a great start. 


Our clients are more to us than simply people who access our services. You have no idea the amount of personal offers of support we received from them, many of whom willing to share professional expertise ‘gratis’, for the success of their NOI too.


What is the best part of what you do?


You...the next person that walks in the door! 


Firstly, from the rapport and chat, then getting to know the lives and experiences of such remarkable people and their families. As a hairdresser, and indeed a make up artist, you are in a privileged position of being a confidant and build unique relationships with people from all walks of life. 


Then there is that incredible feeling when someone smiles at their finished cut or stands in front of the mirror catching themselves in different lights to exclaim pleasure of their hair colour, make up look or new brow shape. How satisfying is help make someone look and feel so great!?


20 Milsom Place

Milsom Street  | Bath  | BA1 1BZ


OPENING TIME: Monday: by appointment
Tuesday – Saturday: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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