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Overall winner, Work & Play category winner

Dancing Dreams of a Mountain Girl, Shanxi 2020. 李怀峰《山村女孩的舞蹈梦》© Li, Huaifeng

Global SinoPhoto Awards 2021 Exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art


Home category winner

Family Stuff - The Golden Anniversary Couple, Heilongjiang, 2017. 黄庆军《家当-金婚》

© Huang, Qingjun


Water category winner

Seeking, Yeqing, Wenzhou, China, 2016 黄建军《觅》

© Huang, Jianjun


Water category Highly Commended

Two Ice Creams, Black Sea, 2017.《两支黑海大雪糕》

© Yevhen Samuchenko


Environment category winner

Seasonal Sea, Qingdao, 2016. 杨同玉 《季节海》

© Yang, Tongyu

Adrian Bradshaw-The Swimmer.jpg

Water category Highly Commended

Swimmer, Adrian Bradshaw, Beijing, China, 1985. 游泳人》

© Adrian Bradshaw


Work and Play category Highly Commended 

Shadow Puppets, Shandong, China, 2020.  李建平《皮影戏》

© Jianping Li

Global SinoPhoto Awards 2021 Exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art


The Museum of East Asian Art (MEAA) on Bennett Street in Bath is showcasing the winners and highly commended photographs of the Global SinoPhoto Awards 2021 from 16 February until 14 May 2022.  

The Global SinoPhoto Awards invite photographers to tell Chinese stories, imagining, interpreting, and inspiring connections between Chinese culture and the rest of the world.  

Selected from almost 2,000 entries from around the world, including the UK, the winning image titled ‘The Dancing Dreams of a Mountain Girl’, depicting a young mountain girl dancing for her grandmother while she works making toy tigers in a small rural village in China, is the overall winner of the international photo competition celebrating Chinese culture.

British photographer Adrian Bradshaw was highly commended for his photograph ‘Swimmer’ in the Water category, who will be giving a talk on his experience of documenting China’s reformation in the past three decades. Learn more details of Adrian’s talk by clicking here


The Museum of East Asian Art,
12 Bennett Street, Bath BA1 2QJ

01225 464640

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