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Loose Women is hitting the road for the very first time this autumn with Loose Women Live.

Swapping the studio for the stage, join Loose Women’s award-winning panel and enjoy an evening filled with laughter, never-before-heard stories and backstage secrets - as the Loose Women take a look back over the last 24 years of fun and friendship. 

Packed with live entertainment and more surprises to be revealed, no two shows will be the same as the women truly are let loose! Coming to the Bath Forum on 21st September, we catch up with panellists Judi Love and Kaye Adams as they prepare for the tour…

How do you feel about being part of the first ever Loose Women live tour? And how will it be different from the weekday show? 


Judi Love: To be honest, I can’t believe there hasn’t been one already! I mean, we’re one of the leading female daytime shows so I'm ecstatic to be joining in the history-making of Loose Women again.


I mean, with us girls it’s always going to be a bit lively, isn’t it? Live shows are just a different element as you get those moments that you witness there and then. Loose Women Live is in the evening. People are ready for a loose, Loose Women! They want to feel involved. They want to see that and they’re ready. I’m bringing the energy and the juice - the gossip! 


Kaye Adams: I'm really, really looking forward to it actually. Obviously, we love the show. It feels like your favourite pair of slippers, in the best possible way, but we're going to have to get our tap shoes on for the tour! Just to take it into a different arena is going to be interesting but also just to feel that buzz in a large theatre of all those people. 

We're going to mix things up a lot more, which I think we're all looking forward to. I think we can be a little freer when we're in a live theatre situation. I think people can expect it to be a ‘very loose’ Loose Women. We want it to be fun and for people to have a great time! 


Having a live audience has always been a key part of Loose Women on the weekday show. What does it add?


Judi: Well, the audience engages, you know. The audience hasn’t got that TV barrier because they’re seeing you first-hand. The more they see you, the more they feel involved - just like having a conversation with your girls. But hopefully, with the live tour, we can be a bit more saucy! It will be so exciting.


Kaye: I think it's just going to be amazing on the tour because we obviously have an audience when we’re recording Loose Women and it’s a huge part of the show. It really does give the show a lot of energy. It gives you a lot of information because you can see what resonates with people and what doesn't resonate with them, and the different kinds of reactions to different topics. So to be able to do that on a large scale and just give people a really good night is great. We want the audience to feel part of the experience, rather than watching an experience. That’s 100 per cent what we’re going to be focused on.


Do you think we’re going to see a different side to any of the Loose Women panellists? And who do you think will be letting their hair down most? 

Judi: I think the women are themselves when they’re on TV. I just think that the atmosphere [on tour] brings it out of you a little bit more. So I think everybody will have that extra 10% in them, because there's no filter.


And letting their hair down the most? Oh, it's gonna be me, Nadia, Kaye and Jane… And Denise and nanny Linda and Brenda… Do you know what, all of us! 


Kaye: I hope so. How many times are you going to go on tour with a bunch of your mates?  Even for me, who's usually known as the sort of sober one, I think to be in bed at 11 o'clock would be a bit of a tragedy! So hopefully, this will be the ultimate girls’ night out! 

Have you ever been away with any of the Loose Women before? 


Kaye: With Judi, Jane and Nadia, [who I’m opening the tour alongside] we know each other very well. We've been away together, for weekends and things. We went to the Cotswolds last year for four nights, which was a riot, I can tell you. So I think you can expect us to be even less discreet than we would normally be!

Judi: Exactly! I think it's just going to be like a girls trip to be honest with you and I’ve been out with them all and gone away with them and we’ve had great times. We go out for drinks all the time. We’re going to party!

As well as being on Loose Women, you’re both used to either being on stage or on the radio - do you ever get stage fright or nervous before anything you do? Will you be nervous before the shows on tour? 

Kaye: Oh, absolutely! I expect to be absolutely bricking it. You know, I've got a podcast called ‘How To Be 60’ and we're doing three live shows at the Edinburgh Festival in August. We did a couple last year and I am a bag of nerves because you want people to have a good time and you want to be able to enable that. But also you do need nervous energy because I'm quite a laid back kind of person. I have to almost purposely wind myself up just to give myself that level of energy or it would be dull! 

Judi: Well, I’m used to touring - I wasn't used to doing live TV, and these girls are just phenomenal. So I think it's just the same as doing live. If you can do live TV, where it's daytime, anybody could be watching, sometimes you've got to read off an autocue, you've got to know when's next for you to talk and engage, then if you can do that, you can do live shows. These girls are ready. And you know what's nice? With everybody that we work with on the panel, you've always got someone that's got your back. 

All of the Loose Women have busy lives on-and-off screen, what’s the secret to juggling it all? 

Kaye: My mum was like that, funnily enough. She was a little human dynamo. More than me, actually. I remember I used to look at her when she was older and think, ‘Oh, my God, why have you not collapsed by now?’. I think you just keep on going. If you enjoy what you're doing, it doesn't feel like a chore. When you're doing something that you genuinely love, you get an adrenaline rush, you're looking forward to it, and that carries you along. 


Judi: The days that I’m off, it’s just pyjamas and the sofa all day. That’s the secret. Complete downtime. And I put my foot down, you know. I’m not contactable when I’m on my days off because it’s so easy to just pick up an email and to do this and to do that. And before you know it, you're working every day. 

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