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Renewed sense of optimism for the south west region

James Dredge, Associate at Knight Frank’s Bath new homes team

Knight Frank’s research team recently published their latest Land Index & Housebuilder Survey which paints an encouraging picture for the UK's regional housing markets, signalling a promising recovery in buyer interest and land purchasing activity among housebuilders outside the capital. As the country emerges from a period of economic uncertainty and elevated interest rates, the survey results suggest a renewed sense of optimism and confidence in the development land sector across the regions.

This revival comes as a breath of fresh air for regional economies heavily reliant on the housing sector's growth and prosperity. A thriving housing market not only drives job creation and economic activity but also contributes to the overall quality of life for local communities. However, to fully harness the potential of this sector, policymakers and industry stakeholders must address the unique challenges faced by regional housebuilders and developers.

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One of the most pressing issues highlighted by the survey is the lack of power capacity in the National Grid. A third of respondents said a lack of grid connections had delayed around 15,000 of their new homes. To put this in context, our poll of 50 housebuilders and developers together build 70,000 homes across England each year. This infrastructure bottleneck poses a significant hurdle for regional development projects, as reliable and efficient utility connections are crucial for the successful delivery of new housing units. Addressing this challenge will require targeted investments in upgrading and expanding the National Grid's capacity, particularly in areas experiencing high growth and demand.


Moreover, the survey revealed a growing preference among housebuilders and developers for a Labour government following the upcoming general election, with 80% expressing support, up from 70% in the previous quarter. This sentiment reflects the industry's frustration with constraints hindering construction progress and highlights the need for comprehensive policy reforms to facilitate smoother development processes across the regions.

One area ripe for reform is the planning system, which has long been a source of contention for regional housebuilders and developers. Streamlining planning procedures, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and fostering greater collaboration between local authorities and the industry could significantly improve the efficiency of housing delivery in the regions.

Furthermore, targeted incentives and support programs tailored to the specific needs of regional housebuilders could prove invaluable in fostering a conducive environment for growth. Such initiatives could include access to financing opportunities, workforce development programs to address skills gaps, and infrastructure investment priorities aligned with regional housing market dynamics.


It is also crucial to recognize the diversity of challenges faced by different regional markets. While some areas may grapple with limited land availability or environmental constraints, others may face issues related to affordable housing provision or transportation infrastructure. A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to yield optimal results, and policymakers must engage in meaningful dialogue with local stakeholders to understand the unique barriers and develop targeted solutions.

In addition to policy reforms and infrastructure investments, fostering public-private partnerships and collaborations between local authorities, housebuilders, and developers could prove invaluable in driving sustainable and inclusive growth in regional housing markets. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of all stakeholders, innovative solutions can be developed to address complex challenges and unlock the full potential of these markets. 

As the UK's regional housing markets continue their recovery, it is imperative to seize this opportunity and create an environment conducive to long-term success. By implementing tailored policy reforms, addressing infrastructure bottlenecks, and fostering collaborative partnerships, the country can unlock a wave of economic prosperity and provide high-quality, affordable housing options for communities across the regions. 

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