King Edward's School

Adventurous learning is at the heart of King Edward’s Pre-Prep and Nursery as Stuart Boydell, a Year 1 teacher explains.

King Edward’s Pre-Prep & Nursery School is known as the school for adventurous minds where every day is different and every day is brimming with creativity and fun. Whether the children are busy turning their classroom into a Victorian school room, making cosy dens for hedgehogs in Forest School, or in an imaginary boat sailing around the world with a penguin looking for different penguin colonies, the children are continuously involved in learning through exploration and creative thinking.

The first exciting steps along the road for a child’s personal, emotional and academic development within King Edward’s School starts in the gentle environment within the Pre-Prep School. It is there that children and their parents forge close friendships that continue to grow with the children as they move up through the King Edward’s family of schools. 

As one parent said, “the Pre-Prep is a little piece of school heaven.” The journey of discovery and learning starts in the beautiful setting of King Edward’s Pre-Prep & Nursery School. The adventure really does start here!

To find out more about the school or to register your interest in joining our Virtual Spring Open Morning on Saturday 6th February, please visit our website You can be assured of a very warm welcome!


Everything the Pre-Prep School does is aimed at giving the children the highest quality learning experiences. Learning takes place through a programme of carefully-crafted cross-curricular topics aimed at giving every child the best opportunities to develop a passion for learning. A love of reading and learning through stories are often at the heart of the children’s topics which lead them on adventures to medieval castles, lands roaming with dinosaurs or an exploration of new cultures and places around the world. Specialist teachers, trips and visiting guests enrich the topics by helping the children to create stunning art and pottery exhibitions, traditional cultural dances or cuisine and musical performances.

Beyond the broad curriculum, King Edward’s Pre-Prep School offers a wealth of extra-curricular and enrichment activities which are carefully chosen to widen the children’s enjoyment and want for learning beyond the school day. The after-school specialist-run activities include Art, the Bertinet Cookery Club, Choir, Dance, Drama, Fun Science, Gardening, Individual Music Lessons, IT, Pottery and a wealth of different sports clubs.