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Partnered with 

Joe Joyce

Castore has partnered with Joe Joyce, Former World WBO Interim, European and British Heavyweight champion and brand ambassador, to share his top tips on how exercise not only improves physical health, but mental health too.

Joe Joyce, Castore brand ambassador, said: “As an athlete who constantly needs to prioritise physical and mental wellness, I’m eager to play my part in spreading the word about the benefits of exercise.



“When exercising, it’s incredibly important to work on your mindset. In everything I do in my life, I want to be the best – I want to always get better and improve. And with boxing, that mindset is the reason I’ve managed to get to where I am in my career.

“In the hardest moments of my training, what gets me through is becoming the best, growing both as a fighter and as a person. You can always achieve your goals and progress through dedication, and National Wellness Month is the perfect opportunity to channel your commitment into exercise.



“Exercise can be incredibly challenging, especially when the weather is miserable and your motivation is on the floor, but consistency and hard work will work wonders on your mental health.

“Not only does physical exercise release feel-good hormones that boost your mood and motivation, but training hard also keeps the mind occupied, so you don’t dwell on everyday stresses. This month is the perfect time to challenge yourself by setting fitness goals or daily reminders to get active.

“Hard work is a vital part of my training, and in my career I’ve had to make sacrifices and leave my comfort zone to become a champion. While I’ve dedicated countless hours to becoming an expert in my sport, don’t let this level of training intimidate you. Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can be a major mood booster if you can consistently stick to it.



“While exercise can work wonders for your mental health, resting is equally vital to reap the benefits of this. When I broke my arm last year, this rest period allowed me to renew my energy and made me more motivated to come back stronger.

“It’s important to get an adequate amount of sleep each night to keep your physical and mental health in check. Regular periods of rest will also help you to detox and unwind from everyday stresses.



“Exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore – it’s all about feeling good about yourself and developing a passion for it, in whatever shape or form that may be.

“I think the best piece of advice I have received is to enjoy what you do – having a devotion for something is the best way to create opportunities in your life. Whether it’s walking your dog, a workout class with your friends or some meditative yoga, choose a form of exercise that you’re passionate about and improved physical and mental health should follow.”

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