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Holly is a singer/songwriter who grew up around music with a father in the Industry. She discovered her love of music, and more importantly her voice, at the age of 8. She is currently touring as Tina Turner in the hit show “What’s Love Got To Do With It” which comes to Bath Forum on Thursday 18th July.

Thanks for chatting to me about bringing ‘WLGTDWI’ to Bath. What’s it been like for you being part of this hugely popular tour?

Being part of this tour has honestly been the most fun! We travel to some incredible places, and get to perform at some stunning venues. It's really exciting getting to perform and share the music of Tina to the nation, it's like a dream come true for me as I’ve always been a huge fan! 

How did you get involved in the show?


I actually appeared on the ITV show Starstruck in 2022 as Tina Turner. It was like a modern version of stars in their eyes! I got to perform as Tina and learn so much about her which really helped me once I got into this show. When appearing on Starstruck the production company saw me and were looking for a new leading lady at the time, so I was scouted which was really nice! 

The music industry runs in the family doesn’t it? Was this always a dream of yours, to be part of such a massive show?


It definitely does yes! I’ve always grown up with music and wanting to be a singer myself. My dad is definitely a big influence, he was in the band Hot Chocolate as the lead singer many years ago. So from seeing him live, touring with a band and performing, it heavily inspired me. To now be living that dream, with a live band and production is all I’ve ever wanted! 

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How long did it take you to perfect Tina’s voice and signature moves?

I think it’s something that you keep on perfecting and have to make sure you’re keeping on top of. From doing Starstruck, that was a great head start for me as we did workshops where I was able to really study and learn more about Tina’s voice and how to emulate her in every way - moves and vocally. I took that with my into this show but made sure I did solid homework for a good 2 months, back to back, before going out and doing my first show. I have always watched and loved Tina Turner, so as a performer, you kind of take that out on stage with you and just go for it. 

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Also, how long does a production like this take to get on the road?


It takes a lot! The show has been running a few years now but if you’re talking day to day, it’s a big team effort in loading the van, having another crew set the stage before we arrive, however long the travel that day may be to the venue, which sometimes can be 6 hours! Then load in, setup, sound check, then get ready and perform the show! So it’s a lot! But it’s so rewarding and we love it! 


Were you a fan of Tina Turner’s music before, or is it now that you are performing her songs you have become a fan.

Of course, I have always been a  fan of Tina Turner but it was only since I came into this show that I really started to truly become a fan as I was becoming a tribute to her. So I had to embody every move and sound daily until i could take that on stage and perform as Tina, best I can. She’s the queen of rock n roll, and I love rock n roll, so it’s impossible for me to not love her in every way! 

Have you had any weird fan interactions doing the show?

There has definitely been the odd fan in the DMs which I would say weird is the right word for! But as far as on stage and interactions, apart from the super fans who show up in the iconic Tina wigs and love to do the dance moves, it’s generally always  really good atmosphere. We love to get the audience involved with some participation so if you come and see the show, particularly a male you may be picked on so have your best moves ready!

Do you get a chance to look around the city when you come here to perform?

Thankfully yes! If traffic and travel goes well, we always arrive in good time. So while the crew setup, myself and the other singers and dancers get to pop out and have a wonder and we always grab some food somewhere. Oh… and shop!! Bath is hands down one of my favourite places to visit. It’s a beautiful city and has history to it which I’ve been lucky to explore. Such as the Roman Baths and of course the Thermae Spa! 


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Finally, how can readers keep up to date with the tour itself?

Follow us on social media! We are always sharing content, dates and other exciting news and clips of what we do and get up to. As well as BTS!


You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @whatslovegottodowithitshow 

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