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An icon of the nineties Brit Pop scene, Meg Mathews is a former music industry PR, events planner and designer turned entrepreneur and advocate for the menopause.


Meg is currently an online columnist for Red magazine and was named by the publication as one of their Top 20 Career Shifters in 2017. In November 2018, Meg was awarded the Inspiring Public Figure of the Year award by the Inspirational Leadership Trust.

For the past few years, Meg has continued her mission on female empowerment and supporting women through the menopause. Craig Maplesden got to speak to Meg, exclusively, about her mission.

Meg's Menopause

Win a copy of Meg Mathews' 'The New Hot'.

“I want to break down the taboos and communicate frankly about the menopause … This book is about giving you the knowledge of what to look out for and how to own it.”


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Thermae Bath Spa reopens

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Bath Mind

Bath Mind and World Mental Health Day

Bath Mind encourages everyone to consider their own mental health by being kind to ourselves and to others for World Mental Health Day….and beyond

Alcohol/Obesity link

Alcohol link to diet and increase in obesity levels

You can hardly blame anyone who has spent the last 6 months negotiating the countless dips and bends of the Coronacoaster for taking some solace in a glass of wine or bottle of beer at the end of the day. 

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

It only takes 5 minutes to start changing your life. For good.

Drawing on twenty years of experience and real-life case studies from his GP practice, Dr Rangan Chatterjee's chats to Craig Maplesden about creating a plan for a happier, healthier you.