Retailer Interview:

Gary Wood of Gary Wood Ceramics

Bath artist Gary Wood's expertise is in painted stoneware and porcelain ceramics. As well as beautiful wall pieces and sculptural artworks, he produces signature pots, bowls and drinking vessels. Gary’s ceramic wall pieces feature in successful architectural installations in spectacular indoor and outdoor settings. Here, Gary speaks to us about work.

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, how would you best describe what you do?

I make one-off pots for use in painted stoneware, including cups, bowls, vases and tea bowls.I also make painted ceramic wall pieces and sculpture.


Who, or what, inspired you to work in ceramics and when did you realise that this passion could become a living?

Discovering the pottery room at school in my early teens and realising working with clay and fire was what I was most interested in. 


Where do you find inspiration for your work?


Inspiration for my work comes from architecture, travel, land and seascape, the human form, dance, music and mysticism.

How are were do you spend your downtime?

Dog walking, cooking, enjoying our beautiful garden.


What are you looking forward to most after the pandemic?

Looking forward to being able to visit the theatre again and to go out to eat at good restaurants and cafe’s.

What has been the most interesting commission you have worked on?


Working with Bath Abbey creating a large installation of ceramic candle holders in the shape of a boat  on the main altar steps for their Advent candlelite event - Yearning For The Light - as an homage to the plight of refugees and their families.

Are there any new designs or materials you are working with?

An ongoing series of wall pieces with the theme ‘Container’ is a continuing focal point.

It has been a difficult year for local retailers. How have you adapted in such tough times?

We have developed a new website - wallerandwood - which is our virtual gallery and shop.


What do you love most about Bath?

The landscape around where we live.
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