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Gavin Edney:

Elder statesman

The Elder restaurant opened its doors to the public on September 11th.


A place to enjoy authentic, honest and timeless British cooking, we spoke to Head Chef, Gavin Edney, about his love for using Britain’s natural larder to every seasonal dish, how his Cornish roots have influenced his cooking (not to mention working with the likes of Gordon Ramsay), and his plans for the future.

The Elder, Bath 

The Elder has Arrived in Bath

The Elder is the place to enjoy authentic and timeless British cooking. With the British countryside and sea as our larder, our focus is on sustainability, seasonality, locally-sourced and wild produce.

The Royal Crescent Hotel

Autumn at The Royal Crescent: 

Hedgehogs, Photoshoots and Super-suite deals

The drawing room fire is lit, the garden’s leaves are starting to fall, and the rescue hedgehogs are preparing for hibernation: autumn is on its way to The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath.

Alcohol/Obesity link

Alcohol link to diet and increase in obesity levels

You can hardly blame anyone who has spent the last 6 months negotiating the countless dips and bends of the Coronacoaster for taking some solace in a glass of wine or bottle of beer at the end of the day. 

Wine review

Stephen Barrett tackles his 'bete noire' - Poor house wine.

A bit of a ‘bete noire’ of mine is poor ‘House Wine’ offered mainly in restaurants and hotels often with no regard to their quality or provenance. Our @BistrotWIneMan considers come options.

Get your bake on!

New book releases

We pick some of the this months new food and drink book releases 

Our feature release is Nadiya Hussain's 'Nadiya Bake', we also feature books by Richard Bertinet (which you can also win) Mary Berry and the one and only Tyson Fury.... plus much more..... 

Nadiya Hussain 

Get's her bake on!

After winning 2015's Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain has gone on to capture the hearts of the nation.

A columnist for The Times and a regular reporter for The One Show, Nadiya has presented several of her own BBC cookery series to great acclaim, with Time to Eat 

reaching on average 1.9 million viewers each week. Her new book 'Nadiya Bakes' has recently been released alongside a new cookery series, airing on BBC2. Here, Nadiya chats wonky cakes, her love for the Backstreet Boys, and her first love - Baking!

Nadiya's recipe ideas

We pick 3 recipes from Nadiya Bakes for you to try

Nadiya Hussain has released her new cookbook 'Nadiya Bakes' to coincide with the BBC2 television series. We pick 3 for you to try.

Knowledge Recycled

Want to create beautiful fruit tarts with Great British Menu winner?

Impress your date with a chocolate coulant created by an award-winning head pastry chef?

Knowledge Recycled is an online platform that enables world-leading experts the ability to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise 

Richard Bertinet

Win a signed copy of renowned baker, Richard Bertinet's, book 'Crumb'.

Richard shares his expertise through every step of the baking process, including the different techniques of fermenting, mixing and working - never 'kneading' - the dough.