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Star and co-writer of Emmy and Bafta award winning TV series ‘Smack The Pony’


is 'On The Run'

‘On The Run’ follows Fiona’s warm, engaging and very funny and recent journey to the stand-up stage, her thoughts on family, marriage, sex robots, passive aggressive school Mum’s and supermarket dress codes. Here, she chats about the tour...

Hi Fiona, it’s lovely to chat to you. We are looking forward to seeing you come to Bath with your show ‘On The Run’. Tell us a little about the show itself.

Hello! I'm looking forward to coming to Bath too! My show is about the realisation that like most working Mum's, since my children were born I haven't had a moment to myself.

As they got bigger and evenings were less frantic I tried new hobbies, new places and attempted to get fit. Difficult when your spirit animal is a sloth! Massive fail on all! So, I decided to write a show.. Aware this is work but it's great and I enjoy it. My show is about the build up to why I went On The Run. Think a lot of people can understand being trapped in the school playground for years! 

I understand this is your first ever tour? So, why now?

I hadn't even thought about doing this as had been happily getting on with acting and voice overs. but suddenly I had the idea about writing a show and decided to do it. I was filming Eastenders just before the pandemic and ended up acting in the day and doing stand up at night on the odd occasion. That was tricky and decided not a good idea.  'm pretty much one of those people who would rather do stuff rather than sit on it. Someone once said to me that it would be annoying to become very old and look back wondering what if? So I just got in my car, went to a comedy club and had a go. I really enjoy it. 


You’ve jut come back from Edinburgh with the show, how was it received?

Edinburgh was another thing I'd never thought of doing but I am so happy I did it. Apart from my suitcase not turning up and arriving with just the clothes I was standing up in (rant available on insta @fionaallencomedy or @fionaallentweet or facebook)  I had a sell out run which was absolutely amazing. I was so grateful to everyone who bought tickets. 

Audiences were lovely and I chatted to lots of them afterwards to hear their thoughts. I couldn't have hoped for a better Edinburgh. 


We all know you from the Emmy and Bafta award winning TV series ‘Smack The Pony’, but how does writing a tour differ from writing a TV show?

It's interesting because writing sketches and stand up is very different. When I turned up in clubs some comics thought it would be easy for me as I have worked in comedy on TV. I'd say it is a very different process. I explained to one comic (a guy) who wasn't understanding my point that .. it's a bit like if you play cricket you hit a ball with a bat, golf similar however different technique, different thought process. Then he got it!

"Someone once said to me that it would be annoying to become very old and look back wondering what if? So I just got in my car, went to a comedy club and had a go."

Did you always want to go into comedy, as I understand you left home at 15 and became part of the Tony Wilson empire of the Hacienda Nightclub and Factory Records.

15 years old! Nope. After finishing school (all girl convent grammar school taught by Nuns!) I went on a two year drama course. I loved that but soon realised I was not really interesting in performing Greek Theatre or other Classics. I love Drama and Comedy which has been my TV/Film career. Although I remembered when i was around 8 years old I used to make tiny joke books out of post it notes. Clearly bubbling away. I always had little part time jobs once I finished the Drama course. One was at The Hacienda which at the time was great as Manchester had an interesting music scene so lots of live bands to see. 

You must have met some massive stars of TV and music at that time, it must have been an amazing introduction to show business.

I mainly met people in the music business whilst working there. It was a lot of fun. Then off I went to London. I had 500 quid in my back pocket. I thought to myself what's the worst that can happen? I don't get a job? Then decided that in the great scheme of things that isn't really the worst that can happen I could always move back. However I got my first acting job within 12 weeks and never looked back. And for that I'm extremely grateful.

So what do you love/hate about touring so far?

What I love is going to new places and meeting loads of new people. I'm so Northern like that. Love a chat! My kids will only come shopping with me if I promise not to keep talking to people. I love being in my car which I don't have to share with my Dog. And playing whatever music I like rather than my kids playlists! I love watching extraordinary sunsets driving through country roads. I love the freedom of being on the road. I happen to love driving though and also I get to leave before I have to sort out the dishwasher. So I think you get the idea. Only thing I don't like are drivers who tail gate. Thats my bug bear.


two tickets to see Fiona Allen 'On The Run' at the Rondo Theatre on Friday 21st September at 8pm. For a chance to win, simply click on the link below and follow the steps...

Book tickets to see Fiona Allen 'On The Run' at the Rondo Theatre on Friday 21st September at 8pm.

Have you got the bug? Can you see another tour on the horizon?


I think I have got the bug! Really enjoy it and I can see another show happening at some point buy hey I haven't done this one yet so I'll be going all over the place with On The Run and I can't wait! Hope to see you there!

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