Bath College Apprenticeship case study

Malisa Kelly


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Bath Academy

Gaps in Education – Time to Adapt & Rethink Assessment of Students

With a return to school on the horizon, many students have felt lost and frustrated with learning remotely. How can students ensure they develop the necessary academic skills and depth of subject knowledge to reach their goals?

As an independent college, Bath Academy’s flexible and personalised approach is what many students may need as they face a new phase of education in unsettled times. Click below to read more...


Royal High School, Bath

“Every girl’s voice is heard and everyone’s opinion valued”

The stimulating curriculum promotes intellectual rigour, creative enquiry and critical thinking to ensure that girls will lead and shape the world confidently and positively, now and in the future. With excellent academic results, RHS girls become well-educated, well-rounded and well-balanced, able to navigate a global, multicultural, and technology-driven world successfully. It is the only school in Bath to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Click below to find out more...