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Dr Ed

Following a hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe run, comedian, author and anaesthetist, Ed Patrick embarks on his debut tour with a with a gut-punch hilarious show about becoming a junior doctor, the NHS, the pitfalls of modern medicine and the power of questioning it. 

What is the show about?

It's about becoming a junior doctor, the NHS, the pitfalls of modern medicine and the power of questioning it.

How do you manage to juggle a demanding job in the NHS with a comedy career?

They balance each other out pretty well, and I can't imagine doing one without the other. Comedy makes me a better doctor for sure for instance communicating, building rapport, working under pressure, a room full of people staring at me.

What's the funniest story you have about being an anaesthetist that isn't in the show?

I once showed up to a new placement that was close to where I lived at the time, so I jogged in. When I arrived my badge didn’t work, but some staff let me through without questioning me. I said “hang on, how do you know I work here?”. They looked me up and down and said “you’re wearing lycra, you’re clearly the anaesthetist.”


Tell us more about how Comedian's Surgery came about?

I noticed when gigging often there was another comedian who talked about their health in some way. And I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to give space and a platform to talk about these things more? So I set up what essentially is a chat show/free consultation and took it to Edinburgh. Then one day before it started I spent a lot of money on a recorder, people enjoyed it, and the podcast was made.


How does writing a book differ from writing stand-up?

A book allows you to explore ideas in more detail that in stand up you wouldn’t have time (or possibly audience patience) to. Also writing stand up requires it to be tested out loud, in front of an audience. A book might not necessarily have to go through the same process, although maybe I'll do a work in progress read-through one day

What's next for you?

More shows, more books, some TV would be delicious. We also haven’t had a kitchen for 4 months so I'm looking forward to boiling an egg.


Book tickets to see Ed Patric: Catch Your Breath at The Rondo Theatre on April 17th @ 8pm. Click the link below to book. 

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