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It’s Edinburgh Preview season at Komedia and you are bringing your show to the venue on the 22nd July. Can you tell us more about the show and what can we expect.


Dumbelles is a culmination of sets from 3 of the South West’s most promising rising stars (so we’re told)! We like to think of ourselves as the power puff girls of comedy, so you expect a sassy, energetic hour of fabulous comedy. 

How much do you enjoy performing to a local audience?


We love performing to local audiences! You find the best in the south West.

The Edinburgh Festival must be a major highlight of the comedy year. How much fun do you have at the festival and is it a bit of a busman’s holiday?


A ridiculous amount of fun! You get to flirt with actors, eat whatever you like (calories don’t count at the fringe, obvs) and assure middle aged punters that you are a comedian despite also being (gasp) a girl.


Have you toured with each other before, and if so, what have your learned about each other?


We’ve done a number of previews together but this is our first Edinburgh run as a solid unit. We’re really good pals, so we’re equally as excited to perform our show as we are to have a month’s worth of sleepovers.

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What about worst habits?


Dani – I really struggled to answer this one, so I think the answer will have to be my humility?  

Millie - I have a chronic Girls Aloud habit. 

Jessie - Getting distracted by literally anything. Also burping on stage and rating it out of ten.

What else will you do while you are up at Edinburgh, have you booked tickets to see any other shows?


Absolutely! We’re looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of shows. Including those of our friends, famous faces and amazing acts that are lesser known.

Dumbelles is a culmination of sets from 3 of the South West’s most promising rising stars (so we’re told)!

How did you get into comedy and who were your influences?


Dani – I’d wanted to do it for ages, but had no idea where to start. I was at a work Christmas party being hilarious (of course) and one of my colleagues was like, “you’re so funny, you should do stand up!” I took that as a sign and spent the next day, very hungover, googling open mic nights.


Millie - I just wanted to be onstage, and stand up is the easiest way to do that as anyone can do five minutes at an open mic. My influences are Nigella Lawson, Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit. 


Jessie - For me it was the amazing female comedians that pioneered women in comedy; Millican, Christie, Bamford, Ryan.

What age were you when you started and what advice would you give any young comedian?


Dani – I was 27, which makes me the Sugar Mama of the group. Sometimes I wish I’d started sooner, but actually I think starting at 27 was good for me. I was more confident and had more to talk about in my life, than I would have a few years prior. My advice would be to watch some small local gigs, suss it out and see how it works. Then go home, write some jokes and sign up for the next one!


Millie - I started last year when I was twenty two. My advice would be to eat dinner before you go on stage! Trust me. 


Jessie - I was 21, always had fomo about not doing it at uni so that’s a great place to start, but not the be all and end all. The trick is simply to start! The all you have to do is be polite, be on time and be funny (which will happen gradually).


two tickets to see Dumbelles at Komedia on 22nd July. Click the link below to enter. Good Luck!

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To book tickets to see Dumbelles at Komedia on 22nd July, click on the link below. 

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