Dorothy House - Hero Walk

Over the last three months, our nation has spent a lot of time thinking about heroes. But what makes a hero? And how do you know one, when you see one?


This year, Dorothy House is proud to host our first ever virtual Hero Walk. It’s your chance to celebrate a hero in your life, and those scattered all across our community. By taking part in the event, you’re making a bold statement by doing something epic for your hero, while raising vital funds for Dorothy House.


So, who’s your hero? Maybe it’s a neighbour that always goes the extra mile. Or a family member who’s always there. Or a friend you’d be lost without. Or a Dorothy House team member who touched your life. No matter who your hero is, this event calls out the superhero inside each one of us. 

After the event ends on September 12, each participant will receive a stunning hero medal. This is the moment we’re all waiting for. This is where the magic happens! Heroes who are living will be donned with their new medal, hard earned with sweat and blisters, by a cape-wearing admirer. It’s your chance to let your hero know you care about them and share with them the meaning of your miles.

For our heroes who have died, the celebration is just as momentous. Walkers can keep the medal in their hero’s memory, gift it to a family member or leave it somewhere special. It’s an exceptional way to honour the life of someone great.


For Sue Morgan (Chippenham) taking part in the Hero Walk last year was the perfect way to honour her dad, and the Hospice. “Dad spent the final week of his life at Dorothy House. They were amazing to him and to us. The support was just the best. I will always be grateful to this wonderful charity for all that they did for us.”

Pick the challenge that suits you: The 5-mile Hero Walk, the 13-mile Half Marathon Hero Challenge, the 26-mile Mega Marathon Hero Monstrosity or, set your own target. Walkers can fly solo, recruit a buddy, enlist the whole family or draft a team! 


It’s just £5 per person to enter This covers the cost of the welcome pack (including a HERO cape), the event admin and a beautiful medal to give to your hero.