Following eight triumphant years, Collabro the world’s most popular musical theatre vocal group, have announced their farewell tour.

Michael Auger, Jamie Lambert, Matthew Pagan and Thomas J. Redgrave invite their fans across the country to come along and celebrate with them winter. We speak to the boys ahead of their Bath Forum show on December 15th.

Many thanks for talking to me ahead of your ‘Farewell’ tour. We are looking forward to seeing you perform, but is this really the last time?


Sadly yes! We are so sad to be doing our Farewell Tour, but we’ve had a phenomenal run of nearly 9 years and we feel like it’s the right time. We’ve firmly cemented ourselves as one of the most successful TV talent acts of the last 20 years and it’s something we are really proud of, and we are particularly grateful to our fans who’ve stuck by us and made it happen. We are leaving on a high note – something we feel really strongly about.


When did you decide that this was going to be the 'Farewell Tour’?


Earlier this year we were all sitting at one of our gigs and talking about our plans for the next few years. We’d been considering whether or not to take a hiatus for a while, but the problem is that we all love the band so much, it’s impossible to say no to anything that comes in and we are all looking to the future, starting families, spending time on what we are all planning next, and it felt important to us to make the fans aware that this would be our final tour, so they could make sure to see it!


What can audiences expect from the show?


It’s going to be genuinely spectacular. We’ve got songs from all seven of our albums on there, the stage plan looks incredible, and, like all our other tours, you can expect some laughter and some tears, but overall we want everyone to leave the venue on a high, having felt like they’ve seen an amazing show. We like to think so many people come to all of our tours because we put on a great show, and that people have a great night. 

Are there going to be some mixed feelings, with the buzz or being on tour and performing to your fans, but knowing this will be for the final time?


Absolutely. There is always a sadness with this kind of thing, but we like to think that the reason we feel sad is because it’s been such a good thing. We wouldn’t be sad about it if we hadn’t enjoyed every minute so much. 


What about touring in general, is there a practical joker in the band that keeps everyone on their toes?


Matt is definitely the practical joker, but he also directs the concert, so he can’t be too naughty anymore. Michael is our finance man, and he’s always smiling and making sure everyone is ok. Tom is so laid back he’s almost horizontal, so he always gives off an air of calmness which is really important. Jamie is producing/promoting the tour, so he wears multiple hats and can often be found in the production office! Overall though, we are an amazing team – something we had to learn how to be, and we are really proud of that. 


There must be a few venues on the tour that bring back good memories for you?


All of them. Plymouth has been on most of our tours and the people in the audience have always been amazing. We’ve toured most of the major venues in the country multiple times and each of them holds a different memory for us – something we will always treasure. 


Collabro 'The Farewell Tour' comes to the  Bath Forum on Thursday 15th December 2022. Click the link below to book tickets...

…and what about BGT, do you still look back and pinch yourselves that this was the beginning of an amazing journey?


Absolutely. This far on, we have become so used to it that we rarely think about it, but we were recently looking back on old footage to try and plan the tour, and it hit us all over again. It never really gets old, and we are so thankful to everyone who voted for us. 


So what do you all have planned next?


We all have our own individual things and they’re all extremely varied, but I know we are all looking forward to being able to plan more things with our families for the first time in 9 years! We are also going to be singing in the future, I’m sure, so keep an eye out for that. Overall I think we have all been spending so much time planning this tour that we haven’t had a lot of time to consider anything after it, but I know whatever we do, we’ll always be friends. 


Finally, is there a particular song you are looking forward to singing for one last time as a band?


It’s got to be Stars, hasn’t it? It’s the song that introduced us to the world and got us to where we are. I don’t think we’ve ever done a concert where we haven’t performed it and performing it for the last time is going to be very emotional! But we are looking forward to heading out on the road one final time and saying a proper goodbye to our audiences – which sounds sad, and it is, but it won’t stop it being a fantastic night out. That’s really important to us – so come along!