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Annie Sloane

This month interior designer Clair Strong looks at the interior trends to look out for in 2024, from quiet luxury to “kitschen” style.

Interior design in 2024 is all about fabulous earthy colours, striking tiles, new ways with wallpaper, relaxed silhouettes and fun with vintage finds. Here are fourteen key trends to update your home this year. 

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Clair Strong 

Daals Sofa.jpeg

Daals  Sofa

Quiet luxury

Quiet luxury is one of the biggest trends for 2024 in both fashion and interiors. Quiet luxury is all about understated elegance, timeless appeal, and high-quality materials. Quiet luxury is about creating a harmonious environment where every element is thoughtfully considered to create a calm space that feels warm, sophisticated and elegent. Quiet luxury embraces investing in locally sourced, finely crafted items, high quality craftsmanship, natural materials, fine details and quality fabrics. 

Curved Seventies style sofas

Sofas this year see a real return to curvy relaxed shapes perfect for lounging. Organic shapes and curved designs are on trend with lower backs and arms and squishy cushions creating cushions, creating a soft, calm energy in your living space. Curved sofas made for sharing appeal to our need for comfort and a cosy, cacooning vibe.


Curved sofas look great in textured fabrics like on-trend boucle and soft tactile velvets. A curved sofa is statement enough so go for neutral tones to really show off the shape. 


Match your big Seventies style sofa with a curved rug to make your interiors more cohesive and visually appealing.

Fabric on walls 

Using fabric on walls creates a wonderfully tactile effect. It also absorbs sound and makes a room feel glamourous yet cosy. You only have to look at some of the big names in interior design to see how the trend is catching on. Luke Edward Hall has designed wonderful damask prints for Rubelli which look stunning in old houses. I recently used the Nocturnal Fornication fabric design from Design Savages to create panels in the master bedroom in a Huf Haus in Wiltshire. The construction of the house meant the beams and rough render on the walls made using wallpaper in the traditional way impossible, so we stretched fabric over thin, light, handmade wooden frames and installed them over the bedroom walls. 

Kitschy kitchens

Retro kitchens are a big trend for 2024.  Pinterest report searches for retro kitchens have increased by 160% from last year, and the look has been termed the “kitschens” trend. 


The look is an antidote to all the sleek, minamalist kitchen designs that have been so popular in recent years. This look is about referencing the period between the 1940s and 1960s’s to create a unique and personal look in your kitchen. 


Get the look with a vintage light fitting and checkerboard tiles in bright colours like bold blues, sunny yellows or vibrant reds. Add in some pretty fabrics in mid-century designs like gingham or 50s florals and a traditional retro style fridge in a cool candy colour. Style up your space with some vintage finds like pretty plates and quirky tea and coffee containers.  


Earthy palettes

Chocolate brown, warm caramel and all things earthy and natural are the colours for 2024. These cocooning, earthy colours are a reaction to years of more Scandi-inspired grey and blue toned colours. These nature inspired colours are soothing, calm and restful.


Paint company Little Greene launched a new capsule collection at the end of last year which perfectly encapsualtes this palette of warm hues. Called “Sweet Treats” it is a curated collection of warm, neutral shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, each colour inspired by delicious desserts and some of the world’s most tasteful sweet treats. Mouth-watering names including ‘Madeleine’, ‘Galette’, ‘Affogato’, ‘Muscovado’ and ‘Ganache’ bring these enticing colours to life. This palette of nine versatile colours will bring warmth to your home.  


Little Green Sweet Treats


Stripes have never really gone out of fashion, but this year you will see them everywhere. They are both traditional yet modern and work in so many different styles of home.


Stripes can offer a burst of colour in a space without stealing the spotlight – they blend with busier designs and create structure. This year bold, candy-style stripes in soft blues and pinks are everywhere – on shower curtains, wallpaper, sofas and cushions.

Mind the Gap striped wallpaper.jpeg

Mind The Gap

Stripes can offer a burst of colour in a space without stealing the spotlight – they blend with busier designs and create structure.


Ruffles are everywhere this year and add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to interior design. Look for ruffles on cushions, table linens, lampshades or curtains to create visual interest to your space. 


Choose fabrics in gingham or candy cane stripes and go for pretty ice cream shades to embrace the look.


Vintage and antiques

Creating a home full of personality and charm is where it’s at this year and furnishing your home with vintage pieces is a shortcut to creating an eclectic look. 


We are all getting tired of cheap “fast” furniture from big box stores. Old pieces are often beautifully made and buying vintage is the sustainable way to furnish your home. Going to flea markets and car boots and scouring marketplaces like Vinterior make finding vintage and antique easier than ever.


Some of the most iconic pieces of furniture were created between the 1920s and 1960s and it’s thrilling to see people appreciate vintage and give new life to items that would have otherwise been relegated to the tip!


The best way to showcase vintage is by working it with modern pieces. There are no rules that say you must only use furniture from one era. In fact, I think that can look a little themed and unnatural. The best looking spaces are those that shun convention and mix modern and vintage with abandon.

Statement wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years. I use bold designs in so many more projects now than even a few years ago. Hallways and corridors can be difficult to decorate stylishly, and wallpaper works perfectly – often mixed with painted panelling or skirtings. A trend for next year is using wallpaper in small or unexpected places like in boot rooms, laundry rooms or inside closets to bring fun and an element of surprise to a room. 


Dark wood

Dark wood tones are back. This year you can expect to see warmer dark wood flooring as well as furniture.


Dark wood flooring changes the whole look of a room. The rich, deep tones of dark woods like walnut, mahogany, or dark oak, add sophistication and warmth to living and dining rooms. Dark wood is also less susceptible to showing wear and tear, making it practical for high-traffic areas like hallways. 


Look for furniture made from naturally dark walnut or teak, and lighter wood pieces stained in rich chocolates, deep browns, and warm coffee tones.Think dark wood coffee tables, bed frames and sideboards that create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Striking tiles

Statement tiles are everywhere from walls to floors. Dramatic patterns and unexpected layouts add personality to a space. 


Bold colour combinations, whether clashing, contrasting or harmonious, create visual interest. Experiment with new layouts and make your tiles the feature of the room. Use tonal colours applied in a striking striped design to add interest to a shower room or go bold and use metallic scallop tiles to add Art Deco glam to a small cloakroom, as I did in a recent project.


The new utility room

This year is the year the utily room has become the must-have space. Everyone wants a laundry room that looks glamorous as well as functions practically. The utility room has taken over from the larder as the space to experiment with colour and pattern.


Utility rooms are high-traffic areas and need to be ultra-practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them beautiful. These so-called “secondary spaces” can house everything from wine fridges, coffee machines, ironing boards and pet beds. Fill them them clever space saving solutions, fun accessories and go for it with paint colours and bold wallpapers.

Look for furniture made from naturally dark walnut or teak, and lighter wood pieces stained in rich chocolates, deep browns, and warm coffee tones.

Mandarin Stone.jpeg

Madarin Stone


John Lewis

Sink skirts

Suddenly undersink curtains are everywhere. They have a quaint and slightly retro feel, especially with prints like gingham or stripes. They are much cheaper than replacing old cabinet doors and can be run up by anyone with basic sewing skills in under an hour. 


Sink skirts, as they are called, are a great way of softening a room and adding character, especially when used in functional spaces like utility rooms or boot rooms. Bringing a touch of “cottagecore” to your home, sink skirts are a great way to introduce a splash of pattern in a space that can lack colour and decorative details. 


Pretty in pink

From pastel to vibrant, pink is super on-trend for 2024 and can be used in a variety of ways on walls, woodwork and furniture.


Warm and delicate, pink adds softness to a decorative scheme, making a room feel comfortable and welcoming. 


Dusty and muted shades are my favourites.  A soft pink like Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink, works beautifully with dark woods and organic textures like linen and sheekpskin.

If you are looking to revamp your space, working with an interior designer will really help you use your budget wisely and create a look that feels cohesive, pulled together and will stand the test of time.

As a small, friendly, creative business based in Bath we pride ourselves on offering client-led interior design solutions for all the rooms in your house, from styling for sale and redecoration to complete redesign and refurbishments. We can also design off-plan for those of you with moves ahead.

You can see many of the projects I have worked on since 2006 on my website at or click the buttons below.

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