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Carole Waller

Carole Waller makes unique, one off painted clothes and scarves in natural fabrics, at her studio/shop just outside Bath.

She has sold her pieces , the label reads ‘I’m No Walking Canvas’ -  for many years to Harvey Nichols and Liberty in London and many specialist stores the USA. 

Her work can be found in the V&A Fashion and Textiles collection - and here in Bath where you can visit her, by appointment,  at Waller&Wood, One Two Five, Box Road -  10 minutes out of town.

Her delightful shop in the middle of Bath, WallerandWood, has relocated to the studios and welcomes you 7 days a week by appointment - anytime! She shares the gallery with ceramicist Gary Wood so there is lots to look at including jewellery by Annie Beardsley.

Carole also makes large scale paintings on fabric - to hang against the wall and in addition she works with glass to make freestanding glass panels encapsulating the painted cloth - The laminated glass panels can be used for freestanding sculptures - for windows , balustrades , doors and wall panels anywhere inside or out. 

Visit her showroom and gallery 3.5 miles east of Bath on the A4 to buy her beautiful painted clothes and scarves (from £35 -£195) - and to look at a selection of the glass panels currently for sale.

Contact Carole to see, buy and commission her work at the studios at One Two Five Box Road, Bath, BA17LR on 07803 033629.


See the glasswork at and  find her clothes and scarves online at

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