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Production photographs by Sheila Burnett

We chat to one of the stars of Boeing Boeing

Jo Castleton

Boeing Boeing, one of the greatest plays from the master of French farce Marc Camoletti, tours to the Theatre Royal Bath from Wednesday 1st June to Saturday 4th June in a new stage production by London Classic Theatre, directed by Michael Cabot.  


Actress Jo Castleton, who stars as Bertha, tells In Bath what audiences can expect.

What should we expect from Boeing Boeing?


Boeing Boeing is a fast-paced comedy set in Paris in the swinging sixties. Architect, Bernard has - what he thinks - is a fool proof system so he can juggle his three air hostess fiancées. However, with his friend arriving from the country and flight timetables changing Bernard’s system starts to collapse, and chaos ensues. It will be a fun night full of laughs and hopefully the audience will enjoy watching the madness unfold as Bernard tries to keep this pretence going. This brilliant farce is fast and funny and a great evening out!


What drew you to the role of Bertha? 


Bertha is Bernard’s housekeeper and cook, she is a great character, an ordinary person caught up in an extraordinary situation. She is no pushover; she has real gumption which is so enticing. I love playing a strong woman. It is also fun performing this headstrong character that must find her way through total chaos. It’s a brilliant challenge to do a farce, such a team effort is needed for this style of theatre, which I really enjoy. It is fast and furious, and I am really looking forward to performing it. 

How are rehearsals going? 


Rehearsals have been great fun, we have spent time talking through everyone’s relationship with each other, making them truthful and recognisable, because that’s what will make the audience laugh. The set design is also brilliant; we had a great time working out the logistics of the seven doors, which everyone comes in and out of at a rapid rate of knots, this should be great fun to see live!

Jo Castleton.jpg
4. Boeing Boeing - Jessica Dennis as Gretchen, Paul Sandys as Robert - Credit Sheila Burne

What are you most excited for when Boeing Boeing starts touring?


It will be amazing to be back on stage in front of a live audience after so long, and to be doing a play that is so feel-good and funny. It is exciting to be part of a shared theatrical experience again, I am really looking forward to feeling the chemistry between audience and performer once again. Touring is great as well, as I love getting to know new cities on my days off. 


What is unique about this adaptation? 


This production celebrates the women, none of them are presented as pushovers, they are smart, strong women and definitely have the last laugh at the end! It is an appropriate but exciting modern twist on a classic. We also have the most amazing set, it’s so detailed and really transports you back to the sixties. 


What would you like audiences to take from Boeing Boeing? 


To come away having really had a good laugh, to have enjoyed the madness and mayhem and feel like they have escaped for the night.

"I am really looking forward to feeling the chemistry between audience and performer once again. Touring is great as well, as I love getting to know new cities on my days off."


Boeing Boeing appears at the Theatre Royal Bath from Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th June. Tickets are on sale at the Theatre Royal Bath Box Office on 01225 448844 and online at

8. Boeing Boeing - Paul Sandys as Robert, Isabel Della-Porta as Gloria - Photo by Sheila B
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