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Mr Miller Means Business in the Classroom

Business has always been a popular subject to study both at graduate and undergraduate levels because of its practical application of theory and problem-solving tasks. With over 30% of over a thousand students at independent sixth form colleges like Bath Academy applying last year to study Finance or Economics related degrees at university*, the college has seen a higher surge of interest from students in taking Business as both A-Level and GCSEs.                                                                                                                                        *(source: CIFE)

We talk to Corey Miller, former Macro Economist, Strategist, and Management Consultant turned Business teacher at Bath Academy, to see what appeal this subject holds for students of today, and where it can take students in the future. 


What is your background in teaching and business? 

I have a Masters in Economics from LSE, and initially worked in London for a consultancy business. My first job was as a macro economist for large companies such as the FT, Whitbread, and various food retailers. I 

moved into investment banking and hedge funds, expanding my skills as a strategist and building up a specialism in that area. I set up my own consultancy firm and eventually decided it was time for a change which resulted in some relief teaching at various schools in Bristol and Swindon. This led to a job tutoring Economics for a Revision Course at Bath Academy and I really enjoyed it! I was soon offered a job to teach Business to both UK and international students full-time at the college including A-Level, AS, GCSE and UFP Business Studies. 

What aspects of Business do you cover at A-Level? 

We cover business structures to immense complexity, using current news flow as well as relating it to something real and relevant in their modern lives. We look at forecasting, economics, accountancy, and of course exam technique, particularly essay writing skills. The Formative Assessment programme at Bath Academy is very good and allows them to work on their revision and exam technique, and smaller classes mean more quality time in the classroom and less homework. 


How would you describe your teaching style? 

Mainly I encourage them to ask questions; the validity of what they’re reading/hearing/learning - research it, what are the facts? I tell them to be well informed not uninformed, as these interpersonal and research skills are so necessary and important, especially at university, where they are vigilant about where you get your information from. Basically, I tell them, don’t take the easy option! 

Why do you think it’s such a popular course at the moment? 

It’s exciting because it’s a real subject – the internet has shown so many success stories, and many students come from backgrounds where their parents were entrepreneurial which is at the heart of the course, a quest to ‘make’ something. Every aspect of business in the current world is unfolding in front of their eyes all the time. They want to be a part of that world. 

What do your students go on to do? 

Most go on to do some element of business at university such as Cardiff, Newcastle, London. One student has set up a stock portfolio, researching and monitoring them. Last year two students got A* in Business, improving by two grades! My aim as a teacher is to help students gain the skills they’ll need at university, giving them that extra boost to get an A*, which is why they come here in the first place!  

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