Bath Academy

Need a Sixth Form solution?

Bath Academy offers personalised education

With a disrupted education since March, students need educational support more than ever.

This independent college provides solutions for those looking to re-sit or change direction.

Despite the exam chaos, Bath Academy is pleased to see the results their students have achieved in a challenging and disrupted year. With the percentage of A*- B grades reaching 79%, (23% higher than the national average), and 87.5% of students gaining places at their first-choice university (72% at Russell Group universities), these achievements prove that small classes and personalised tuition go a long way in reaching their academic goals and university dreams. 

As an independent college, Bath Academy’s flexible and personalised approach is what many students may need as they face a new phase of education in unsettled times. Bath Academy’s Sixth Form has had a long history of supporting the individual achievements of our diverse range of students, each with personal academic goals and learning styles. 

Our student successes and exam results prove that our students are thriving in smaller classes and a more personalised teaching environment. As we teach in very small groups, we are able to provide a distinctive learning platform for those who need another attempt at exams, or if they face additional learning challenges.


We work hard to ensure that we support students in making the best choices to secure the best options for the future. Each student’s course programme is created on a bespoke basis and every student is on a personalised programme designed just for them. 


Bath Academy provides a solid stepping-stone to university for those who require flexible, alternative routes to higher education. We are proud to see many of our students gain places at their first-choice university, with the majority at Russell Group Universities


With the help of their personal tutor, students are supported in their personal development by making informed decisions about future careers in the light of a psychometric assessment of abilities and personality, as well as UCAS guidance. 


We provide that second chance for students who don’t always fit or follow the standard mould, ensuring they, too, have a chance at academic success. With Resit Courses offered in the autumn and January, students who need more expert teaching and support to fulfil their potential are given that opportunity.  

We’ll also offer short Resit courses in August & September for those students who aren’t happy with their predicted grade outcome after results day and wish to take the exams in autumn. Our Reset Courses for both A Level & GCSE students will help ‘reboot’ their studies and ‘reset’ their focus after missing a few months of education. 


Our A-Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly mock examinations under invigilated conditions to monitor their progress against the grades necessary for them to progress to their desired university course. 

‘Pupils develop self-confidence and self-esteem rapidly because they receive individual attention in the school’s highly supportive environment.’  ISI Inspector Feb '20