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Hit the ground running in September

It’s been a disruptive academic year for everyone, and many students feel lost and frustrated with missed education, especially those finishing Year 11 without completing GCSE exams. With little exam experience, they are also dealing with gaps in their learning throughout the past year, a formative year that normally sets the foundation and prepares them for A-Levels.

Bath Academy will be offering a ‘Get Ahead’ Summer Programme for students starting Year 12 who want to feel more prepared and confident going into Sixth Form this September. This targeted programme can help ‘reboot’ their studies and ‘reset’ their focus after a disruptive year of education, and allow them to catch up and get back on track for A-Levels.

Bath Academy will be offering a ‘Get Ahead’ Summer Programme for students starting Year 12 who want to feel more prepared and confident going into Sixth Form this September.

Specialists in STEM Courses


Students aiming at careers in Medicine, Pharmacy, Finance, Data Science and Engineering, need to make a strong start to their A-Level courses if they are to achieve the best grades. STEM subjects require intensive focus and therefore are best suited to our small classes and personalised teaching. All of our teachers have expert knowledge in these subjects, often acting as examiners. 

“We have seen an increase in students who wish to study medicine and feel it is important to offer these foundation subjects,” says Tim Naylor, Principal of the college. “As we teach in very small groups, we are able to provide a distinctive learning platform for those who prefer a targeted focus and more individual approach to learning.”

‘GET AHEAD’ A-Level Preparation Course - What Is It? 

Starting in August, we will be offering an A-Level Preparation Programme specialising in STEM courses (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

Course Dates: August 2nd - September 3rd

The course includes:

• Small teaching groups

• A personal tutor who will provide support throughout the course

• Valuable personal guidance with careers, subject choice & ability profiling

• Morrisby Assessment – psychometric profiling of abilities, interests, learning styles and personality to guide students in career, subject choice, personal strengths and weaknesses

• CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) profiling and guidance discussion – helping us to understand a student’s underlying potential and wider capabilities 

Every Day Is An Open Day

Bath Academy welcomes potential students anytime (by appointment during restrictions) to meet one-on-one in an informal atmosphere. This way each student gets undivided and individual attention with personal guidance and free, expert, educational advice. This is especially helpful for those students who are unsure of their next steps academically, or who are thinking of changing schools. 

A chat with the Principal, Vice-Principal, or Head of Admissions about each student’s individual situation, learning style, and academic aims, allows the Admissions Team to assess students appropriately and guide them in the best direction.

“Pupils display well-developed knowledge, skills, and understanding across the range of subjects they study. This is a result of much well-prepared teaching coupled with the vision of leadership and governance to provide pupils with a bespoke curriculum.” ISI INSPECTOR - FEBRUARY 2020

If you would like any educational guidance or advice, students and parents are encouraged to ‘drop-in’ for a discussion with one of our advisors – due to COVID-19 safety measures, please initially contact, or call 01225 334 577 for a chat or to set up an appointment.


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