Baker's Best Boozers

Baker’s Best Boozers…The Pulteney Arms

My first Best Boozer is The Pulteney Arms, Daniel Street

Yep, my first pub spotlight is on the Bath Rugby fan’s NO 1. Pub, festooned with sporting paraphernalia. The tiny but mighty ‘Pulteney’. 

Imagine you were asked to write your list of local ‘must haves’, I don’t know about you but mine would look something like this:

Warm welcome – Hello Dean & Sasha 

An escape from the hustle

Good wine/beer list

Decent roast/snacks/crisps offering 

Pub dog – the hilarious Hugo

The Pulteney Arms has all of the above, wrapped a bit like your favourite pair of slippers; comfy, familiar, and oh so trusty. It’s a real pub, with a decent wine offering, an equally decent ale (a CAMRA Good Guide regular) and cider offering and a bar team that remember what you drank last time…and that you can’t beat! Especially if you remember the red being excellent but you don’t know which one…saves so much time. 

They offer a decent Sunday roast, mid-week food (currently Weds – Sat) and if like me you’re a sports fan, you can catch the rugby or cricket aside a log burning fire on chillier days (courtyard space for sunny ones).

This is your traditional pub and long may it prosper. 

Get ‘em in. 

I like a pub. More, I love a pub. Pubs are spaces to escape the kids, to talk rubbish, or listen to rubbish, just watch the world go by, to meet your neighbours, date, flirt…all of the above, none of the above. I truly believe that pubs are important community spaces, spaces which we very recently missed, hugely, and inhabited again so, quickly, such was our loss. Damn the curfew. 

I have been kindly been given this small space by InBath to bang the drum of the local. It’s a tough gig I know. But all that said, I will happily use this column to chat bars and other local hostelries too, because, well, it’s nice to share the love and let’s face it, we all need more of that this year. Here begins Baker’s Best Boozers…

Disclaimer: This column may become geographically biased due to there only being so many hours in any weekend to explore this city, so you’ll forgive the skew. I can’t even share the criteria for the decision making, because I don’t in all honesty know what they are. Know that these are heart felt and gut decisions based on where feels good. 

So, who’s up first you ask? Tough decision…but drum roll please…