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17 Aug – 2 Sept

The Lady In The Van

Sara Kestelman stars in Alan Bennett’s touching, uplifting and very funny play. Sara Kestelman is one of the greatest actors of her generation, currently working at the absolute pinnacle of her extraordinary talent. In her distinguished career she won the Olivier Award as Fraulein Schneider in Sam Mendes’s production of Cabaret and has played a plethora of leading roles with the National Theatre and RSC.

The Lady in the Van is classic Alan Bennett, touching, uplifting and wonderfully funny.

In 1974, Miss Mary Shepherd, a homeless woman, temporarily moved her clapped out Bedford van into Alan Bennett’s front garden at Gloucester Crescent, Camden. She remained parked there for the next fifteen years.

The genuinely eccentric gatecrasher claims at various times to be a trained concert pianist, an ex-nun and on the run. She founds her own political party and the Virgin Mary appears to her regularly. Described by her reluctant landlord as “a bigoted, cantankerous, devious, unforgiving, self-centred, rank, rude, car-mad cow”, she was to become one of Bennett’s best-loved characters.