Classic tales revisited, dazzling puppetry and half term fun at the egg this February!

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February at the egg begins with beautiful puppetry from A Bird in the Hand, in MIDNIGHT. In the hours when most people are tucked up, sound asleep in their beds, Midnight the cat rules the roost. Exploring the rooftops and alleyways of her town, she encounters all the other creatures that are awake at night. And in the still, quiet moments between one day finishing and the next beginning, she can see and understand all the dreams of the people sleeping in their beds below. But when a wild wind blows through the town, strange things begin to happen… Midnight is a show about time, the night and dreaming. It is about clever cats and really silly dogs, combining puppetry, music and storytelling. (1 & 2 February, ages 5+)

There is timely new teenage drama, as the Bath Theatre Academy revisits one of the most famous of Greek tragedies in a startling production. ANTIGONE is a timeless thriller, interrogating truth and loyalty, honour and pride as one girl, the eponymous Antigone, is driven to defend her family and beliefs in a fight against the tyranny of the state. Sophocles’ inspiring classic challenges the actions of a person who disobeys the authorities, rallying on behalf of Earth’s greater powers. (6 – 8 February, ages 14+)


Egg favourites Lyngo Theatre return with PUSS IN BOOTS. Performed by Cbeebies’ Patrick Lynch, with a host of puppets, a working windmill and an avalanche of fruit and nuts, this classic furry tail really is the cats’ whiskers! (9 Feb, ages 4+)

Half term fun begins with THE NAUGHTY FOX! Join comfy creatures – Honk, Splash and Tawit Tawoo – as they teach The Naughty Fox a very important lesson, it is better to share. A world of puppetry, music and light projection and boundless energy is created by two story tellers, bringing life to household objects. (15 – 17 February, ages 0-5)

Roustabout Theatre investigate the mysteries of space in LUNA: A PLAY ABOUT THE MOON. The Moon controls our tides, marks our time, and has inspired countless stories, myths, songs and poems. And just over fifty years ago, we walked on its surface. Featuring astronauts, lovelorn science teachers, werewolves, and a special appearance by the Moon itself, LUNA is a feast of storytelling, music, history and science, celebrating this fascination with our oldest friend. (18 & 19 February, ages 5+)

Expect surreal, funny and carefully crafted comedy for pre-schoolers in IT’S HOT, IT’S NOT, a celebration of our national obsession with the weather! This physical performance explores the weather in all its forms – why can it be sunny and rainy all at once? Why are there puddles and sometimes not? And if it’s summer here, why is it winter there?! International performance company Reckless Sleepers are renowned for creating bold, innovative and, above all, original work. (21 & 22 February, ages 2+)

Ben Johnson’s famous comedy VOLPONE is given a bitingly fresh new makeover by State of Emergency. Volpone is filthy rich, and in his lust for more, he and his assistant swindle three of the wealthiest men in the city into believing they are his sole heir. Inspired by Southern African Township Theatre, the multi-skilled ensemble performs this classic satire of cunning and greed before a backdrop of new and vintage jazz. (25 February, ages 13+)


With dazzling puppetry, delicious music and dozens of laughs, Raymond Briggs’ much-loved story, THE BEAR is brought to life on stage by Pins and Needles. The story of a little girl who befriends a mischievous polar bear is a playful, funny and heart-warming tale that will delight young children and adults alike. (26 – 29 February, Ages 3+)

Tickets for all productions are on sale from the egg reception on 01225 823409, the Theatre Royal Box Office on 01225 448844 and online at

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