Bath’s parliamentary candidates Wera Hobhouse, Annabel Tall and Mike Davies to face students and climate strikers in Open Air Climate Hustings and mass tree protest on Friday 29th November 2019

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Bath’s three parliamentary candidates, Wera Hobhouse, Annabel Tall and Mike Davies, will face searching questions from students and the public on the greatest challenge of our time, the Climate Emergency.  The Open Air Climate Emergency Hustings have been organised by Bath Extinction Rebellion and will take place in Orange Grove at 1230 on Friday 29 November 2019. The candidates will be joined by local Councillors.

Large numbers of local schoolchildren, students and workers will be joining millions throughout the world on strike on Friday, demanding action on climate change. They will march through the city from the Guildhall at 1100 arriving at Orange Grove at 1230, where candidates and councillors will be called to account on their plans for the climate emergency. The end of the hustings will be marked by each candidate being asked to step forward and claim a tree, with a public commitment to their environment pledges.

A large art installation will be erected in the middle of Orange Grove acting as a focal point for events and activities throughout the day, including music performances, Christmas-themed art activities and events, including XR’s Father Greenmas who will giving away free ice cubes.

The strikers will also be calling on members of the public to object to the disastrous planned expansion of Bristol Airport.

This is a crucial time for the climate: 

·         Climate change is emerging as a key issue in the upcoming general election.  According to a recent survey by Client Earth (Link), 70% of UK voters think the issue demands more urgent action.

·         On 25 November 2019  The World Meteorological Organisation announced record greenhouse gas concentrations over the last year.  “It is worth recalling that the last time the Earth experienced a comparable concentration of CO2 was 3-5 million years ago. Back then, the temperature was 2-3°C warmer, sea level was 10-20 meters higher than now,” said WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas. ( link)

·         “The summary findings are bleak,” declares the UN. “Countries collectively failed to stop the growth in global greenhouse gas emissions, meaning that deeper and faster cuts are now required.” (link)

Dave Searby, spokesperson for Bath Extinction Rebellion said: “The current government is trailing way behind the public on the climate issue.  Proceeding with airport expansion is a crime against our children and grandchildren, whilst implementing a green new deal would be a win for both jobs and the environment.”

Extinction Rebellion is calling for people to ditch Christmas consumerism shopping and join them in rising up against extinction and climate chaos.

Timings for the day:

10:30 for 11:00 – march sets off around Bath from the Guildhall

12:30 – Climate Hustings – Orange Grove

13:30 onwards – Visual arts, music, events

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