@BathBuildingSoc and @BathRotary launch the annual Fireworks Safety Poster competition 2019

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Bath Building Society and The Rotary Club of Bath have this week launched the annual Fireworks Safety Poster competition at Oldfield Park Junior School in Bath.  Some of the Judges of the competition went to the school to see how the children were getting on with their posters.

Alan Keeling from The Rotary Club of Bath and Tiffany Hardie-Albutt from Bath Building Society were on hand to help the children with their posters.

Tiffany Hardie-Albutt, spokesperson for Bath Building Society said: “It was great to see all the children doing their posters; their enthusiasm and stories of fireworks were brilliant!  Our involvement with the Fireworks stands at 44 years this year and in those years, we must have reached thousands of local children (who now have children of their own!) with the Fireworks Safety message”.


Alan Keeling, from The Rotary Club of Bath, said: “The display is now in its 44th year and it has always been hugely anticipated by children and adults in Bath.  Once again we have launched the event by asking all the primary schools within Bath to enter the Fireworks Safety Poster Competition, and as always the key factor is Fireworks Safety. The school competition will ensure that even the youngest participants are aware of the potential dangers of Fireworks if handled incorrectly”.

Glenn Dack, the teacher from the Year 6 Class at Oldfield Park Junior School, said: “We really appreciated the visit the other day; getting input and insight concerning firework safety from professionals is always beneficial. The children really loved the experience.”

Tickets went on sale on Monday 1st October and are available from the two Bath Building Society Branches, the Bath Rugby Ticket Office, the Bath Box Office Ticket Agency (Bath Tourism Office) and the Rotary’s website at www.rotary-bath.co.uk .  Standard Adult admission is £7, Children’s tickets are £4.  Student tickets will only be available from the Students’ Union at the University of Bath.

The poster competition aims to communicate to local school children that fireworks and bonfires can be extremely dangerous by getting them to draw a poster to show the safety aspects of the annual celebration.

All children entering the competition will be given a Free Child Voucher that can be exchanged for a ticket to the Display when purchasing an Adult ticket.


The Fireworks Display will take place on Saturday 2nd November at The Recreation Ground and will be run by The Rotary Club of Bath and sponsored by Bath Building Society.

All monies raised will go to Voices and The Bath Rotary Archie Project.

The judging took place this week and our thanks go to Manda Rigby, Deputy Mayor, David Bethel, President of The Rotary Club of Bath, Kevin Gray, Bath Building Society and two representatives from Avon Fire Service.
The winners will be announced on Thursday 17 October.


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