@komediabath Interview: Keith Duffy of Boyzlife talks about life on the road and the unexpected pleasures of touring with Brian McFadden.

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Boyzlife brings together members of two of the biggest boybands in history, Boyzone and Westlife, to perform a whole host of their biggest chart hits.

Keith Duffy has enjoyed huge success with Boyzone, including 6 UK number one singles and 16 out of 17 of their first single releases making the Top 5. With 5 number one albums also to their credit, Boyzone achieved worldwide sales of over 25 million.

The unmissable Boyzlife show has already been performed for over 20,000 adoring fans since the pair came together in 2016. Here, Keith Duffy gives us an insight into the show, his favourite Westlife song to perform and lets rip on Brian’s worst habit!

You are coming to Komedia, Bath, as part of your UK Tour, and have chosen some very intimate venues to perform at. Is the aim to make the shows ‘up close and personal’?

Absolutely, Obviously we’ve performed in massive arenas and although that’s a great experience, it’s also nice to get up close and personal with our fans. Brian and I like to engage with the audience and take them on a journey with us, we talk to them and even get into the audience and make them part of the show.

Will the show contain songs, anecdotes and stories of your careers so far?

The show is predominately songs. We’ve over 21 UK No.1s and from the feed back through social media, it has become very obvious that the fans want to hear the hits, so we try to give them what they want!

How did the idea of touring come about?

Over 2 years ago, Brian and I met up and discussed working together. The idea was for Brian & I to join together in a tour doing a autobiographical style show about our 25 years in the business. We toured that show twice and it sold out. The new tour show is more music based show, by the request of the fans.

You’ve already sold out two previous tours. Do you see some familiar faces in the crowd form your Boyzone/Westlife days?

Yes indeed, we know all the familiar faces. These guys have grown up with us and now the come along with their kids. Our audience consists of up to 3 or 4 different generations.

So, do they still chase you down the streets or are things a little more subdued these days?

No we don’t get chased to often down the streets anymore, it’s a lot more civilized these days. Although our mid week shows are lot more relaxed then the weekend, Friday’s and Saturdays can be a little crazy, a couple of glasses of wine changes everything lol.

If you could have recorded one of the others songs, which would it be and why?

If I could of recorded a Westlife song I’d say it would have to be ‘Flying without Wings’, it’s an iconic pop song and my favorite Westlife song! The fans love it.

Have any of your former bandmates come to see the gigs?

Yes, Shane Lynch has been to a few of our shows and actually has joined us on stage for a few songs.

You’ve now toured for a couple of years together. Who has the worst habits?

Not to be one to point out the obvious, but Brian takes pride in his farting !!

Have you been to Bath before, and if so, what do you like most about the city?

Boyzone played at Bath Cricket ground a few summers ago, it was certainly a gig to remember as the rain never stopped. In fact the ground was flooded and the firebrigade had to help pump the water out of the ground. From the stage, it was a sea of umbrellas but the audience where absolutely amazing and it ended up a great concert.

Boyzlife come to at Komedia Bath on Thursday 19th September. For tickets, visit: www.komedia.co.uk

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