Three digital tips for property sellers looking forward to 2019 by Carey Gilliland of @Madison_Oakley

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JulyAug18.inddWatch your tracks – Before the Internet, properties were primarily marketed via newspaper advertisements, signs and in agents’ windows. These mediums had a remarkable and often overlooked advantage over modern forms of advertising – they left no easily traceable marketing or sales history (a digital footprint). In the newspaper age, an owner could dip their toe in to test the waters. If they didn’t like the result, they would take the property off the market or reduce the price. Without a digital footprint, there was very little long-term harm to the value of the property. The marketplace quickly forgot.

Conversely, the Internet remembers everything and forgets nothing. A digital footprint intensifies the danger posed by an extended marketing period as it creates a wealth of knowledge provided at the click of a mouse and, in negotiation, knowledge is power.

Christmas advertising – Brace yourself for various versions of the same Rightmove statistics being wheeled out in the run up to Christmas to justify clients instructing agents to sell their house during the festivities. The usual script is that there is a “seasonal surge in activity” that clients “really need to make the most of“. The real truth is the Christmas holidays are the absolute lowest autumn/winter point for activity on Rightmove. Yes, millions of people are on Rightmove over Christmas but its a fraction of their usual traffic. Any “seasonal surge” is really just the public getting back to normal patterns and it happens after New Year not Christmas. Whilst I admire the creativity of thinking and the sheer chutzpah of some agents marketing departments to spin a narrow selection of statistics to their own advantage, the truth is you’re better off waiting until mid January to launch your property to the market.

Digital eavesdroppers on viewings – If you’ve got a smart speaker (Alexa/Google Home or the like) in your property, you might want to advise your agent before viewings. It can be a little disconcerting to all involved if the speaker picks up and reacts to conversations between agent and viewer, as happened twice to my colleagues this week!

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