@KESBath Junior School community aim to run the equivalent length of the Nile River to encourage healthy lifestyles

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King Edward's Junior School - Run the Nile campaign

King Edward’s Junior School has launched a new campaign  - ‘Run the Nile’ – to encourage everyone at the School to lead active lifestyles.

Making the most of the developing outdoor activity trail set amidst the Junior School grounds, the whole school aims to run the equivalent length of The Nile River, which is 4,258 miles long, by running a mile a day, whilst at school.  Running together, staff and pupils need only run 20 miles each, over the course of the term, to reach their target.

To launch the initiative the whole school gathered recently and everyone ran around the trail as many times as they could in ten minutes. By the end of session they had collectively run a 162 miles.  What a great start!

Commenting on the campaign to get everyone running and enjoying healthy lifestyle habits, Ms Amiee Young, Head of Girls’ Games at the Junior School, said:  “Whether it’s before school, during break, or at lunchtime, we’re hoping that everyone can run at least a mile a day, as part of leading active lifestyles.  Adding in the target of running the equivalent of the length of The Nile River seemed a good way of encouraging everyone to take part, with children and staff collecting points on behalf of their school house, every time they complete four laps of the trail.”

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