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I launched BYM in 2011 when I was pregnant with my second child. I had become frustrated that there was nowhere in and around Bath with the privacy or experience to train ladies pre and post birth so I to set up a gym and offered it myself!

BYM has since evolved to become an exclusively ladies only personal and group training studio for women of all ages, mothers or not.

At our professional yet private studio we work closely with clients in a realistic way to help them achieve and maintain a sustainable level of fitness and a lifestyle appropriate to them.

BYM offers an innovative yet personal approach to training based on feeling good both physically and mentally. Nutrition and lifestyle choices both play an enormous part in the training process.

Our aim is that training should be challenging and effective but above all, fun!

At BYM we believe that social, mental and physical wellbeing are all equally important and we strive to achieve balance in all these areas by working hard in order to then enjoy the results!

Top BYM Tip: Laughter is unequivocally good for the soul; it releases a free and unlimited supply of mood boosting endorphins, which really lift spirits. The physical exertion of laughter can actually relax muscles in the body making you feel more at ease.

As well as boosting immunity and lowering stress levels it can ease anxiety, improve mood and strengthen relationships. Go on, laugh, we dare you!


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