Edwin Jones Photography provides this issues front cover image

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The Cover Photographer for our Christmas issue is Edwin Jones. He lives in Bognor Regis, West Sussex but he visits his sister who lives in Bath and takes pictures of the City while here.

Edwin’s photographic specialties are Buildings and Architecture, Sports especially cycling plus Nature and Landscapes. He is well known for his expertise in HDR a technique of taking and combining 3 or more images of a scene at different exposures to gain more detail in the brighter areas and shadows. The classic example of this is a view of an inside room with a window. A normal picture will either expose correctly the scene through the window or the inside but never both. HDR solves this.

Edwin is also an author of Photography books for beginners. His first book Compose Better Pictures is available on Amazon Kindle and his second book is close to completion. More of his pictures and a Blog can be found at his website  http://edwinjonesphotography.com

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